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Call PICK Before You Pack FOR HOUSTON Enjoy real money-saving value, and relax at the ALBERT C MOTOR INN 3301 Southwest Freeway at Buffalo Speedway Heliport and Airport Bus Terminal near by Color TV In every room Restaurant & Lounge Heated Pool Family Plan Free Paridng Meeting and Convention Facilities for up to 375 ALL AT MODERATE RATES RESERVATIONS: CALL TOLL FREE 800-621-4404 In Illinois 800-972-7200 Couples $14and up only give $1,000 directly to a candidate, but if you should wish to go off on your own and, unbeknownst to the fellow, buy him $70,000 worth of television advertising, that’s quite all right. Tote that snorkel U.S. Rep. Tiger Teague, who is chairman of the House Space and Technology Committee, says his 1973 trip to Rockwell International’s resort in the Bahamas was strictly business, “a weekend of work.” Teague is one in a growing list of Congressmen and Pentagon officials who accepted trips and vacations from defense contractors. Bob Dorsey, the former chairman of the Gulf Oil Corp. who was fired by his board of directors after revelations about Gulfs illegal political contributions, is moving to Austin. Dorsey, a UT grad, was named a distinguished alumnus of the university in 1968. “I have worked with the engineering department over the years and I will continue to help in any way I can,” Dorsey said. Putting Dorsey on the faculty would be in the same great UT tradition that gave us Walt Rostow teaching government. How about Chuck Colson for head of the theology school? State Rep. Paul Ragsdale of Dallas has filed discrimination complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against 31 state agencies. That’s virtually all the biggies, including the Texas Employment Commission, the Ag Department, the attorney general’s office, the General Land Office, Texas Bob W ieland Ragsdale: Many complaints Education Agency, the governor’s office, Highway, Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Welfare, Railroad Commission; Water Quality Board, and lots, lots more. The comptroller’s office, where Bob Bullock is carrying out a vigorous hunt for minority employees, was spared. Ragsdale has already scored with a complaint against the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The EEOC has ordered the department to improve its hiring record on minorities and women. Rep. Ben Bynum of Amarillo got Maced by a young woman in his Austin apartment building in mid-January. The young woman said Bynum forced his way into her apartment saying he wanted to talk. The chairman of the House Insurance Committee . said he was just trying to get the young woman to settle down because she’d been “raising a bunch of cain” in the hallways. No charges were filed. Chalk up another first for Big D. The Dallas Times Herald reports that in 1975 the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed 44 Dallas County convictions, twice as many reversals as Harris County, the runner-up with 21 reversals. The Dallas DA’s office is well known, you could say notorious, for improper summations to the jury. “Dallas County consistently has a problem with jury arguments,” Jack Onion, presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals, told reporter Saralee Tiede. “They [the prosecutors] go out of the bounds of propriety so frequently that it’s undoubtedly no accident. It’s well known throughout the state that it’s not inadvertent.” Twenty-four of the 41 officers in the Dallas Vice Control Division have been given the old heave-ho. This includes every officer in the division with more than one year’s experience \(except the division . being transferred to other departments in an effort to clean up the narcotics section, which has been the focus of a number of juicy scandals in the past year \(see “Bad apples,” Obs., cers may be indicted. The Dallas narcotics scandal follows a similar Houston cop shop scandal and reorganization by about a year. Questionable acts by various Department of Public Safety narcotics officers came to light in both Houston and Dallas, but, to date, the DPS administration has apparently made no broad-based effort to reform its narcotics section. Life, liberty, & lucre We don’t recollect reading anything like this in the state constitution: Gov. Dolph Briscoe says, “The function of government is to provide a climate that encourages economic growth and industry, but it is not the function of government to solve all existing problems in society.” The aquifer beat the shopping mall by almost a four to one margin in San Antonio \(see Obs., of the precinct where the 129-acre mall was to be built voted against the mall. At issue was a referendum on an ordinance au February 13, 1976 13 Coup l e and up Air-conditioned rooms with combination tub/shower, radio and color TV. Swimming pool. Kitchenettes. Excellent food by Chef Wittlich, featuring East Texas cornbread made daily. Convenient to Love Field, Cowboy Stadium and all Freeways … And remember, “Fred wants to see you.” Dallas Texas 75220 Area Code 214 Fleetwood 8-3211 4