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ANDERSON & COMPANY COFFEE TEA SPICES TWO JEFFERSON SQUARE AUSTIN, TEXAS 78731 512 453-1533 Send me your list. Name Street City Zip 6 The Texas Observer BOOKS. 503 B WEST 17 TH 476.0116 kustin, Texas 78701 witness because future testimony would be “discredited.” Next, Aynesworth and Dundey revealed that at least a dozen DPS narcotics agents have been involved in beatings, armed threats, and intimidation of drug suspects and private citizens in North Texas since 1970. They said that the FBI is conducting probes to determine if DPS agents violated the civil rights statutes. Questioned as to whether the DPS had taken action on the reports, Director Wilson Speir in Austin replied that the agency has responded properly to the misconduct by its officers. “I’m not interested in hashing out something the department has already handled and disposed of,” he said. Meanwhile, back in Fort Worth, the focus was on the auto theft detail rather than the narcotics squad. The public didn’t seem to take too much notice last June when the Star -Telegram first reported that six policemen were being transferred from the auto theft bureau to other parts of the force be Ok, were interested for family of I for the dates .. to 1 FAMILY OF THREE ‘28.00 I FAMILY OF FOUR ‘34.00 FAMILY OF FIVE ‘40.00 , FAMILY OF MORE THAN FIVE $6 PER COT I I cause of alleged irregularities. The men were accused of driving stolen cars, accepting stolen items, and accepting bounties for the recovery of stolen vehicles. The officers were simply transferred out of the auto theft division. Chief T. S. Walls said he couldn’t take disciplinary action because state civil service laws require such action to be taken within six months of a violation. Walls said the alleged irregularities occurred more than six months before they were discovered. A grand jury, headed by former Mayor Sharkey Stovall, looked into the case and made a low-keyed report recommending no prosecution. The jury simply suggested that the police set up a central auto pound for stolen or abandoned vehicles and that the state change the civil service law to allow for disciplinary action to be taken over a longer time period. A citizens committee, led by yet another former mayor \(and a political enemy of the incident. The group had the valuable assistance of Robert Watson, the man who headed the SEC’s investigation of the Sharpstown scandal, as general counsel. The committee learned, among other things, of the existence of tape recordings of interviews with the accused cops. Top police officials had failed to mention the tapes in their earlier testimony. The committee’s final report, which is due this month, is expected to criticize the “weak administration” of the police department. Some committee members say that the department has been managed with a “go-along, get-along” attitude that permits wrongdoings to occur without detection or discipline. The group is expected to conclude that Fort Worth needs a tough, newpolice chief, picked from outside the department. Aw, Ma In a 1924 campaign speech, Ma Ferguson, Texas’ only woman governor, declared she wanted, “No more of those sinful languages in the public schools. Stop learning our kids dirty rotten French and Spanish. If the English language was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for Texans.” USED MOBILE HOMES $300 DOWN 10 YEAR FINANCING AVAILABLE 12 TO CHOOSE FROM FREE SET-UP AND DELIVERY WITHIN 250 MILES Red River Mobile Homes 2418 Austin Highway, San Antonio more than just another hotel offering family rates. We cater to families. Our location, next to the Empire State Building, our menus, rooms and service are geared to make your New York stay a pleasure. We’re worth trying. mitt 11cAlpili 34th Street and Broadway New York, N.Y. 10001 NEW YORK CITY’S family planned HOTEL I I City _____ Zip _ limmmigimmoimmolo Name Address SENATOR FRANK CHURCH principal investigator of the CIA and critic of the multinational corporations, is running for President. If you are willing to help an urgent effort to qualify him in Texas for federal matching funds, or if you want information on his candidacy, write or call at once: Bernard Rapoport President, American Income Life Insurance Company P.O. Box 208, Waco, Texas 76703 A copy of our report is filed with the Federal Election Commission, and is available for purchase from the Federal Election Commission, Washington, D.C. Paid for by the Church for President Committee, Carl Burke, Chairman, William M. Landau, Treasurer.