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Put Presidential Candidate FRED ON THE BALLOT! HARRIS .* Chairman, Democratic National Committee, 1969-70 * U.S. Senator for 8 years, 1964-72 Call or write for petitions to get Fred Harris on the ballot in your Senatorial District. FRED HARRIS for PRESIDENT Texas Campaign CoMmiatee P.O. Box 3785 Austin, Texas 78704 512;443-1994 Pol Ical odygnssans 1.111 try 8 Y NI Al T Francisco Chronicle story on a Patty Hearst hearing: “As for Miss Hearst herself, gone yesterday were the laughter, the bravado, the clenched fist salutes that have characterized her public behavior since she and SLA comrades were picked up in two Mission district hideouts. Gone too was the pre-Tania Patricia Hearst, with the sunny brown hair, the gentle oval face, the wide sparkling eyes. The tansmogrified Miss Hearst, with her dyed red hair, seemed jutjawed, tight-coiled, with small, uninhibited breasts outlined under a scarlet sweater, her flat bottom narrowed almost to a point of non-existence by dark blue slacks.” Local news freaks buy The Los Angeles Times to keep up with what’s going on. Even all the touristy junk that’s been put around places like Fisherman’s Wharf can’t destroy the beauty of the city. Going up and , down San Francisco hills very fast in a car can make you seasick. The left in California is far gone into ideological fractionation. It’s a little like the Movement in the late Sixties: everyone’s at least a two-hyphen something, as in, socialist-democratic-pacifist or Marxistanarchist-Hottentot. The different stripes of socialists and communists don’t cotton to one another, not to mention the radical unionists and whathaveyou. Libs are only sometimes considered part of the leftcoalition and are sometimes considered the Left’s deadliest enemy. We were informed that the California left, unlike Texas libs, does not know how to lose well. They take it seriously, get depressed, give up, and go off and smoke dope. The Joy of Losing is not appreciated there. Northern Californians are heavily into the pursuit of happiness. It is a theory of Tom Wolfe, the pop journalist, that California does not constitute a grim forecast of what the rest of the country will look like as terminal social decay sets in: it is rather that part of the country in which the third of the Bill of Right’s three guarantees is taken seriously. The trouble is, Wolfe suggests, that Americans are not very good at pursuing happiness, being burdened with Puritan hang-ups, Horatio Alger, and other awkward baggage . . . thus one sees such excesses as the California ladies in purple stretch pants with their hair dyed apricot out walking poo dies with rhinestone collars. Bad taste, but good pursuit. In Northern California the pursuit of happiness is usually spiritual or psychological: no one just gets a bunch of beer and has a campout for fun. Californians try Esalen or EST or primal scream or TM or any one of a positively amazing number of splinter schools of either religious or psychological theory. They relate to one another interpersonally and communicate and make commitments and generally constitute the damnedest bunch of savior-seekers you ever heard of. Sometimes they pursue happiness on less exalted levels. We were informed that the inhabitants of a particularly posh section of Marin County are keen on being In, With-it, Into the Latest Thing. “0,” we chirrupped brightly, ever prepared to show off our sophistication, “they all join the Sierra Club?” Well, no, we were informed: it’s that wife-swapping is Out now, and little girls are In, or little boys, depending on one’s taste. Wait’ll they hear about that in Bosque County. M.I. IDialogue Hill & the oil slicks Earl Golz’s and John Cranfill’s article, “Big D Scam,” appearing in your Dec. 12 issue, is truly a public service. Hopefully, it will alert potential victims to the dangers of speculating in oil wells promoted by strangers, especially telephone and mail solicitors. Messrs. Golz and Cranfill are outstanding investigative reporters. Their previous articles on this subject also have been perceptive and informative. But their Dec. 12 article, while accurate for the most part, is unfair to Texas Atty. Gen. John Hill in the following respects: 1. Allegations of “foot-dragging” and that some state investigators and attorneys more than just another hotel offering family rates. We cater to families. Our location, next to the Empire State Building, our menus, rooms and service are geared to make your New York stay a pleasure. We’re worth trying. HOTEL 34th Street and Broadway New York, N.Y. 10001 “threatened to quit over the absence of strong support from above” are simply untrue. Attorney General Hill has been a leader in the battle to stop fraudulent oil pro January 16, 1976 15 Bob and Sara Roebuck Anchor National Financial Services 1524 E. Anderson Lane, Austin bonds stocks insurance mutual funds optional retirement program BROWSE TILL 10:00 P.M. MONDAY thou FRIDAY Now In Our 13th Year of sorvico to Austin GARNER AND STORE 2116 Guadalupe Austin, Thus 78706 477-9725 NEW YORK CITY’S family planned HOTEL Oh, were interested for family of for the dates ._.__ to FAMILY OF THREE ‘28.00 FAMILY OF FOUR ‘34.00 FAMILY OF FIVE ‘40.00 I FAMILY OF MORE THAN FIVE $6 PER COT m Name Address