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The Outpost Austin’s Best Barbecue 11:00-7:30 Monday-Saturday Closed Sunday David and Marion Moss 345-9045 Highway 183 North 4111111111111=111111111i , 111.101111=1Mir HALF PRICE RECORDS PlAG AZ IN E AUSTIN: 514 LAVACA. 1114 COLUMBUg DALLAS: 4536 Att. 160S ZI”. 5219 W.Lovralts 205 S. TANG PRIM. 411 watch subsequent issues for .. . BILLIE CARR REPORTS Paid Pol. Adv. by Billie Carr Expense Fungi 2418 Travis, Houston, Texas. MARTIN ELFANT SUN LIFE OF CANADA LIFE HEALTH DENTAL 600 JEFFERSON SUITE 430 HOUSTON, TEXAS 224-0686 within the entire area. McCabe and Zoske say that since putting out their shingle they have won a lion’s share of the county’s lowpaying felony cases and the enduring animosity of the city police department. \(They also have earned local notoriety with a federal law suit challenging the county’s grand jury selection process as discriminatory. Arguments in the suit will be presented On Tuesday, Nov. 25, McCabe took Evans to be examined for evidence of the alleged rape at the county’s Memorial Hospi. tal. According to both women, Sheriff Lightfoot and Deputy Skeen came to the hospital at the doctor’s request. There was a discus 12 The Texas Observer sion and Evans agreed to take a polygraph test. McCabe and Evans say that the county officers agreed to let McCabe witness the test. Evans said she then gave an oral statement of her charges to Skeen. “At this time, our cooperation was based on plans to present criminal charges to the grand jury,” Zoske explained. Then, in the early afternoon of Dec. 4, Skeen, Lt. Don Barlow of the Nacogdoches Police Criminal Intelligence Division, and a third officer appeared at Evans’ door, saying they wanted to drive her to police headquarters for questioning. Evans said she was assured that she would be allowed to call McCabe from the police station, but when she got downtown her requests to use the telephone were denied. The story she tells of her interrogation is a classic bad cop/good cop tale. Her polygraph test was administered by Texas Ranger Charlie Neal, Evans said. “After he finished the test, he left the room,” she recalled. “Then he came running back in yelling, `You’re a damn liar and this machine has proven it.'” She said Neal hinted that someone was “using” her. \(She presumed he threatened “to take me over to the county jail for a year and a day.” Neal’s outburst was followed by “good cop” approaches from two other officers. Evans said, “One told me, ‘Gladys, you’ve been down a long time and you need to start somewhere to come up.”‘ The other, she said, urged her to sign a statement confirming the polygraph results “so you can walk out and go home now.” She signed the statement but she didn’t have to walk home. Skeen and Barlow drove her home, she said, stopping on the way to buy her a six-pack of beer and some cigarettes. They also presented her with a $5 bill. Evans said she called McCabe from a neighbor’s phone shortly after being delivered to her doorstepabout 9 p.m. McCabe, and Zoske concluded that the polygraph and the confession were an attempt to forestall criminal charges in the case. As a counter move, they worked into the early morning hours preparing the, rape complaint for federal court. “We saw the suit as the only way of protecting Gladys from further harassment,” Zoske said. Evans and Zoske drove to Tyler to present the complaint the following day. \(Copies of the document were also left at the Nacogleges a battery of civil rights violations including denials of Evans’ “right to privacy, her right to sue . . . her right to an attorney . . . her freedom from false imprisonment . . . her right to liberty . . . and, finally, her right to equal treatment under the law without regard to, gender.” Upon their return to Nacogdoches, Evans was arrested by city police on a warrant for “giving a false statement to a peace officer,” meaning her Nov. 26 statement to Deputy Skeen. She was bailed out of jail by McCabe, but she faces a trial on the misdemeanor charge on Feb. 10. No court date has been set for the rape lawsuit, which will be heard by Judge William Wayne Justice. At Observer press time, the defendants had not been formally served with copies of the complaint because, as McCabe explained, the cost of having the federal marshal serve the papers is prohibitively high for her client. Instead, they are waiting to have Zoske “deputized” so that he can serve the papers, a process which already has consumed four weeks of waiting. Readers wishing to make taxdeductible contributions to meet the expenses of the Evans case may mail them to the Nacogdoches County Voters League, Legal Aid Fund, c/o Arthur Weaver, 1703 Butt St., Nacogdoches, Tex. 75961. Please specify the purpose of the check or money order. Fortnight .. . JANUARY 24 CELLO CONCERT Ralph Kirshbaum, cellist, joins Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra in performance of Dvorak’s “Cello Concerto,” plus Tchaikovsky’s fourth symphony, with Chauncey Kelly conducting; Del Mar Auditorium, Corpus Christi. JANUARY 25 DOMINO THEORY Watch ’em fall at state championship domino tourney; Hallettsville. POETIC RENAISSANCE In case you haven’t noticed, poetry is big in Austin, thanks to tenacious group of budding poets who scribble, publish journals, and perform; in Laguna Gloria Poetry Reading Series, hear Eleanor Crockett, Steve Harrigan, Jeff Woodruff; 2:30 p.m., Laguna Gloria Museum, Austin. MUSEUM CONCERT Looks like museums are becoming Texas’ major cultural entrepreneurs; concert by Whitey Thomas and the White Cloud Ensemble; Art Center Museum, Fort Worth. ITALIAN QUARTET Quartetto Beethoven di Roma visits Houston, with concert sponsored by Houston Friends of Music; Hamman Hall, Rice University, Houston. JANUARY 26 SYMPHONIC SOUND Daniel Sternberg conducts Waco Symphony Orchestra with John Browning at piano; 8:15 p.m., Waco Hall, Baylor University, Waco. JANUARY 27 JOINT CONCERT Glenda Maurice, mezzo-soprano, joins pianist David Garvey in concert; 8 p.m., Music Bldg. Recital Hall, University of Texas, Austin. JANUARY 29 KNOCKOUT TECHNICIAN Wait’ll you hear Garrick Ohlsson, major league pianist, in concert; 8 p.m., Jones Hall, Houston. 7.16, t Vt Mr . 4744.111′