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Questionnaire Help Us Help You This brief questionnaire is what is known in the trade as a readership survey. We are asking you to take the trouble to fill it out and send it in because it will be valuable in our efforts to interest more advertisers in the Observer. Potential advertisers always like to know about readers. And we would like to know where we can best concentrate our ad sales efforts. Also, we figured, as long as we have to sell access to you \(success in this is quite crucial, according to our projections for you to advertisers who have something in which you might be interested. Of course, the survey results will provide valuable feedback to the editorial staff, too. In fact, if the questions are too limiting and there are other things you want to say, we encourage you to write us a letter about the content of the Observer, your state of mind, whatever. If you choose not to respond because of a principle against attempts to elicit such personal information you probably haven’t read this far, but just in case you have, your objection would be valuable feedback, too. So let us have it, signed or not. Although the postage-paid envelope affixed to this issue is designed as a gift subscription order form, our primary goal right now is to obtain a large number of responseswhich in itself will be evidence of a committed and attentive readership so we urge you to use the envelope to return the questionnaire, unsigned. \(Well, you could put a 10 stamp on it, which that your reply will be anonymous. There is no invisible ink or other form of identifying code on this questionnaire or on the envelope. If you are determined to return the questionnaire and order gift subscriptions, great; but you’ll have to forego anonymity or find your own envelope or postpone your gift sub order until next issue, which will contain another postage-paid order form. There will be a report on the results in a later issue. Thanks. Please return this survey to: The Texas Observer 600 West 7 Austin, Texas 78701 Please indicate total annual family or household gross $9What is the highest level of formal education attained? Within the past two years, have you or any Observer readers in your household: Written a letter to a newspaper or magazine? Written to a political representative? Contributed time or money to a politician or social cause? If you had to attach a political label to yourself, which of these would come closest to suiting you? \(Check as Are you currently attending school? yes \( Occupation, profession, or nature of work 19 November 28, 1975