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in downtown SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 67 tastefully decorated rooms, each with remote controlled color tv lv irg and rheostat lights, free parking, and local telephone calls, swimming / 0. pool, ice and soft drink machines on each floor, across the street from the Alamo. Major credit cards accepted. Commercial and family rates year round. RI Uf ROOM f OR MI 1 f INGS PARI if S \\1C Cro c ke tt Motor Inn ,01 Telephone 512/225-4491 320 Bonham Street 18205 NE BY THE ALAMO DAVY’S DEN/MEETING ROOM . . . 3rd floor s rAtiI 4:#11144″‘ w44 . Terlingua Cook-0ff by appointing Wick Fowler’s progeny as Chief Judges for said 20 The Texas Observer MARTIN ELFANT SUN LIFE OF CANADA LIFE HEALTH DENTAL 600 JEFFERSON SUITE 430 HOUSTON, TEXAS 224-0686 Bob and Sara Roebuck Anchor National Financial Services 1524 E. Anderson Lane, Austin bonds stocks insurance mutual funds optional retirement program More than just another hotel offering family rates. We cater to families. Our location, next to the Empire State Building, our menus, rooms and service are geared to make your New York stay a pleasure. We’re worth trying. 110111, cAlplil 34th Street and Broadway New York, N.Y. 10001 event and without prior consultation with Defendant CV, whose initials by then were widely understood to stand for “Chicken Variety.” . XI. OFFENSES CHARGED Count One 29.By virtue of the conduct hereinabove alleged, Defendants have conspired and attempted to convert to their own use and benefit the World Championship Chili Cook-Off, a national festival entrusted to the custody, possession and control of the citizens of Texas and the Chamber of Commerce of Terlingua. Count Two 30.By virtue of the conduct hereinabove alleged, Defendants have committed the following unlawful, false, misleading, and deceptive acts and practices in the conduct of trade and commerce and in violation of Section 17.46, TEX. BUS. & COMM. CODE ANN.: by utilizing the title of “Interna-_ tional Chili Society,” Defendants have caused confusion and misunderstanding as to the source, sponsorship, approval or certification of their Tropico Cook-Off and the affiliation, connection or association thereof with the Chili Appreciation Society-International. by headquartering the ICS in California and by holding what they assert to be the World Championship Chili Cook-Off in California, Defendants have made deceptive representations of geographic origin in connection with goods to wit, chili. by representing that Defendant CV’s 1969 winning chili included celery, pork, and chicken broth, Defendants have represented that goods have ingredients which they do not. by representing that the Tropico Cook-Off is the World Championship Cook-Off, Defendants have represented that services have sponsorship, characteristics and benefits which they do ,not and are of a particular standard quality and grade which they are not. by claiming that Terlirigua is a ramshackle, weatherbeaten town miles from nowhere, by insinuating that it may have been swept away by a prairie dust storm, and by accusing Frank X. Tolbert of allowing unqualified persons to cook at Terlingua, the Defendants have disparaged the goods, services, or business of another by false and misleading representations of fact. by proclaiming that the best chili and best chili cooks in the world will be at Tropico instead of Terlingua, Defendants have advertised goods and services with the intent not to supply a reasonable expectable public demand. Count Three 31.By offering and attempting to offer apparent bribes and other sundry inducements to champion chili cooks in order to get them to abandon Terlingua in favor of Tropico, Defendants have tortiously interferred with the business relations of the TRS&CC and have attempted to subvert the fiduciary duties owned to it by such champions. XII. ADVERSE AFFECT AND IRREPARABLE DAMAGE 32.Plaintiffs are consumers and have been and will continue to be irreparably damaged by the unlawful acts and practices of Defendants, as hereinabove set forth. Plaintiffs would further show the Court that unless restrained by it, Defendants will continue to commit such unlawful acts as alleged herein, causing irreparable and immediate injury, loss and damage to Plaintiffs, the class they purport to represent, and the general consuming public of Texas and the world.. . On Oct. 10, District Judge Jerry Dellana of Austin granted a temporary restraining order to the plaintiffs, enjoining defendants from misrepresenting their event as the “world championship cookofj:” Judge Dellana will he remembered in Terlingua. He did, however, insist that plaintiffs post bond. Plaintiff’s attorneys attempted to post two cases of pinto beans and a boiled chicken, but the judge insisted on 300 bucks instead. Chili Villain threatens to fight back. We will keep you posted on further developments. Ed. NEW YORK CITY’S family planned HOTEL I Ok, were interested for family of ___ I for the dates ._ to 1 FAMILY OF THREE ‘28.00 I FAMILY OF FOUR ‘34.00 1 FAMILY OF FIVE ‘40.00 , FAMILY OF MORE THAN FIVE $6 PER COT I Name Address I City ___. Zip . 1.1 IM I= OM US MS MU IIII 111 =I/