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A Public Service Message from the American Income Life Insurance CompanyExecutive offices, Waco, TexasBernard Rapoport, Pres. 4 Call 1 414 Nit 800-NET-WORK When your child’s school system is more system than school. –4 N.ATK A1.1111-112,11:. 1:\( \( 711/1.N.ti1.\\ F.1 .\( You may have seen this sign and wondered what it was about. It announces a hotline telephone service for citizens who want to improve their public schools. As things stand, parents and other taxpayers too often have little to say about how their schools are run and how their education tax dollers are spent. The National Committee for Citizens in Education thinks that things shouldn’t be that way. That’s why we’re helping people organize for action in their own communities. We’re helping them understand what goes on in their own schools, and we’re putting them in touch with citizens fighting the same battles elsewhere. We call it the Parents’ Network. For a non-profit membership organization which has been around for less than two years, we’ve got a pretty good track record: NCCE drew national attention to abuses and misuses of school records. This led to a new Federal law protecting the privacy of parents and their children in school. NCCE held public hearings throughout the country to bring out the facts on who really runs the public schools. A major report will be published this summer. NCCE brought together citizen groups concerned with public education for the first such meeting since 1910. NCCE joined in the suit which led to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that students cannot be suspended or expelled without a fair hearing. Now NCCE is building the Parents’ Network. People can call us on our toll-free, nationwide telephone hotline for information about public school issues that concern themissues such as crime and violence in the schools, the quality of textbooks, or how to understand a school budget. If you want more information about us and about the issues, give us a call. Just dial, toll free, 800-NET-WORK. Or fill out the coupon and mail it to: NCCE, 410 Wilde Lake Village Green, Columbia, Maryland 21044 I read your ad in the Texas Observer and it interested me. Please send me more information Name Address City State l ip NATIONAL COMM! I EE FOR CITIZENS IN EDUCATION