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FRED HARRIS One man running for President in 1976 has the toughness and ability to make a difference in the way the country is run: Fran k lin Gr e er This can be just another Presidential election. Or it can be one of the most significant years in the history of Presidential politics. We know where the Republicans stand. The question is whether the Democrats will stand for anything. Fred Harris is determined to see that they do. “The basic issue in 1976,” he says, “is whether people who have to work for a living will have a President who fights for their interests, or whether the super-rich and the giant corporations will continue to run everything.” That’s plainer talk than we’ve had for a while, and it’s about time. Fred Harris isn’t afraid to talk about the issues. * He’s talking about real tax reform, forcing the Rockefellers and the Tennecos to pay their full share of society’s dues.. *He’s talking about cutting off the government supports that allow multinational corporations to move our jobs and our wealth abroad. *He’s talking about an open foreign policy based on principle, rather than supporting every military dictatorship that owns a pair of sunglasses. *He’s talking about a public oil and gas corporation to develop publicly owned resources; prices controls on monopolistic industries; rollbacks of interest rates; vigorous anti-trust enforcement; building a national rail system; and a guaranteed job for every American willing and able to work. Political pundits may make the mistake of overlooking Fred Harris, but the people are not. This year, thanks to the new campaign financing laws providing for federal matching funds, the people through their contributions will decide who’s going to be a serious candidate. The rich will not be able to buy this election. As he has said,”`If we get ourselves together, we are a majority, and we can make this a people’s government again”. This time we can make a difference. ROCKY MOUNTAIN JOURNAL Editorial, Feb. 26,1975 Fred Harris will kick the stuffing out of his primary opposition in New Hampshire and the national geniuses of syndication will discover that there is a nerve in America which can be touched by an appeal to the basic economic interests of the vast majority of the citizenry. We think Fred Harris could usher in a new era of economic and political creativity. We think the time for that era has come and we believe that Harris is tough enough, articulate enough and dedicated enough to be its midwife. Fred Harris for President, 1976! HARRIS FOR PRESIDENT COMMITTEE. Jim Hightower, Treasurer. 1104 Waverly Way, McLean, Virginia 22101 Please fill out the enclosed envelope and make a contribution to help elect Fred Harris President. -,immismoseammesemmissommie