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An open letter to liberals concerning BILLIE CARR REPORTS … April 15, 1975 Dear fellow liberal democrats, Billie Carr has been rendering reports on political matters to liberals of Texas in the pages of the Observer. Much has happened since her last report but her role as actor has, unfortunately, gotten in the way of her role as chronicler. She will have a complete report by the next issue, however. This will give events in Texas on SDEC meetings, Texas Democrats, and pertinent legislation. She is in Austin now working on the ERA and the Schieffer-“Bentsen” bill. On the national level she will report on the ADA, DNC, and NDC meetings \(including her election as coIn the meantime, I hope those of you who have not yet responded may see fit to help with her expenses. Billie’s travel expenses outside the state as well as in the state are, of course, costly. Also, communicating with liberals around the state in Observer ads, telephone calls, postage costs, etc. create further serious expense liabilities \(not covered by If you believe in what she is doing please send as much as you can Houston, Texas 77006. For your convenience a self-addressed envelope is enclosed in this edition of the Observer. Sincer Ed Co bu Trustee / Paid Pol. Adv. by Billie Carr Expense Fund, 2418 Travis, Houston, Texas