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Psst Wanta know which 82 delegates voted to let schools other than UT Austin and Texas A&M share in the Permanent University Funds income? Get . . . A VOTER’S GUIDE to the 1974 Texas Constitutional Convention \($5.50 Texas Government Newsletter Dept. T Here’s $ Box 12814 Send me Austin 78711 Copies @ $5.50 Name Address SIM Aggie astonished As a former student of Texas A&M, I was astonished to learn that the Board of Directors felt it necessary, for the betterment of the University, to spend over two million dollars on themselves \(see Ohs., learn that the A&M administration is still trying to censure The Battalion. In 1966, I assisted my friend, then editor of The Battalion, Tommy DeFrank in complaining to the Board of Directors about censorship. At that time the Board met and stayed in an old frame house located between the post office, mess hall, and laundry. It was painted white, cooled by window units, and furnished with “antiques” of undisclosed vintage and origin. During my visit I didn’t notice any travertine marble, beaded flowers, ROman senators, or “Caesars on Horseback,” just the hum of the Fedders. But even then the board was more concerned with bricks than with academic excellence. DeFrank, who has since become the White House correspondent for Newsweek, was fired while the double deck to Kyle Field was approved. Certainly the pride that Aggies have in their school does not stem from opulent surroundings. I would hope that the A&M Board of Directors does not isolate themselves from the history and tradition of the school by retreating to a marble palace, which as you point out is inconsistent with what A&M is. Construction and change at a school which has doubled in enrollment since I attended is inevitable. But I hope that the old Board of Directors house is allowed to stand as a reminder to those who run the university, now and in the future, that greatness at A&M is not an English Sheraton mahogany bookcase complete withdecorative books “of various sizes and subjects.” Mark Berry, 1808 State National Plaza, El Paso, Tex. 79901. Balboa gets water I would like to thank the Observer for the article “The Observer goes to the the bad situation that exists in the Valley’s Colonias and principally in their lack of potable water. Thanks to this article more pressure was put on the City of McAllen to provide water to Colonia Balboa just south of that city. With other pressures, the City of McAllen finally submitted an application for a grant to the Economic Development to say that it has been approved in the amount of $150,000. It should only be a matter of time now before the system is constructed. IDialogue Again, we should like to thank the Observer for its article, which proved to be very helpful to our cause. Xavier Ramirez, director, Water Research, Colonias del Valle, Inc., P.O. Box 907, San Juan, Tex. 78539. Dust bowl Please discontinue sending me The Texas Observer for the reason of your stand on the importation of water for West Texas when it was first proposed and now the article by Kaye Northcott, which was against the survival of 40 counties who depend entirely on irrigation water, which is very near depleted. Since all this vast level prairie has been put into cultivation it has developed into the most productive irrigation area in the world and has produced tremendous wealth for the state of Texas. With no water it will turn into a vast desert and the most terrible dust bowl, which will choke East and South Texas with black clouds of drifting dirt and darken the sky over the most of Texas. You have probably forgotten the dust storms before, when only a small part of our sod or grass cover was plowed up, so now the condition will be beyond imagination. We have the most ideal soil level as a table and rich and if you will study where the most wealth in food is produced I think you would change your mind. . . . I feel like I must not take part in your position as to this stand. I feel very bad about your stand on this issue, since I approve of your views on most other issues, and I hope after you reassess your views you will see our position in the future. E. G. Ebeling, Olton Rt., Plainview, Tex. 79072. Good work Finishing Michael Etchison’s fine story on tenements in El Paso \(see Obs., I have meant to pay the Observer for some time. In addition to having a staff of talented writers, you also publish some truly exceptional work by other journalists not on your staff. Just recently there has been not only Mr. Etchison’s story, but also the articles on that North Texas power company and the National Guard. All three are excellent examples of detailed, clearly-written reporting, and you and the authors are to be congratulated. Phyllis Robinson, 4409 Ed Bluestein Blvd., Austin, Tex. 78721. The piece on the Brazos Electric System \(see Obs., The author of the article on the National Guard \(see Obs., Ed. April 11, 1975 21 You’ll be glad you came to the 411Z HOTEL 45 luxurious, air conditioned hotel rooms, each with private balcony . . large swimming pool, lounge area, fine dining, bar, entertainment … 5 minutes from airport shopping, sightseeing, golf, horseback riding, white sand beach and Caribbean directly in front of hotel . Open year ’round . . For rates and brochure see your Travel Agent or write P.O. Box 469 MONTEGO BAY JAMAICA