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lilatsAiont P.O. Box 13366, Austin, Texas .78711 TEXAS? ors yes, 161011-11-1AT–50HelTOJer SETO EEO LA.? We’ll give you the real facts on Texas If you’re willing to part with a few myths. Forget everything you know about Texas. It isn’t like you think it is, and probably never was. Texans and Texas enthusiasts who read Texas Monthly know better. They know Texas has grown politically, socially and economically into a state with national imPortance. In Texas Monthly, we probe the fabric of the country’s third most populous state, from its corporate boardrooms to its prairie bars, from its astronauts and wildcatters to its cowboys and beauty queens. And writers like Larry King and Gary Cartwright penetrate into every facet of Texas Life. Redneck! He’s being made into a pop hero. Romanticized and defanged. And a bit premature. Invisible Empires. How Houston’s super law firms got to be so super. Secession. Is it time for Texas to assert its independence as a nation? Coming of Age in the Locker Room. Now, do you really wish you’d been a football star? The Ten Best and Ten Worst Legislators. What makes Texas politicians tick? Texans for the Defense. The lawyers people in big trouble call. Fast! Around the State. The one-of-a-kind guide to entertainment in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, El Paso, Austin and Corpus Christi what to do, where to eat, complete with addresses, prices and an honest evaluation. In Texas Monthly you’ll get an entertaining and credible view of Texas. A view so refreshing we won the Na Name Address City tional Magazine Award for specialized journalism, a first for any magazine in its initial year and for a magazine not published on the east or west coast. Most important, if you’re interested in Texas, we know you’ll enjoy Texas Monthly. And you can start receiving our unique view of things Texan by filling out and sending us the coupon below. Yes! I’d like to know what’s happening in Texas. Please send me the next 12 months of Texas Monthly for just $10. 4111;sumenum m r aup State Zip I enclose my payment. Please send me 13 issues instead of 12. Please bill me later. Outside U.S. and its possessions, add $1.50 for postage. 4504 .1