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KRMH The Sound of History E I len Moore, of the Austin-Travis County Oral History Collection, visits with KRMH/KIXL personality Art Young whose interview shows are now part of the library’s permanent collection. Housed at the main branch of the Austin Public Library, over 100 tapes are available for public use. “The Art Young Show” features a variety of interviews with Austinites, city visitors, performers and experts on controversial subjects. It is broadcast live from 8-9 a.m. by KRMH-FM, 103.7. Highlights are replayed at 12:30 p.m. on “Austin Today” by KIX L -AM, 970. Betty McKool Will make your boy a Rangerette IPShould Be Governor of Texas and breaking glass, it’s not something that just blows over after a week or two. There isn’t any sneaking back in town and opening the Baitshop and hoping people will forget. Gone to Mexico, that was the word. Hombre answering Marvin’s description just seen crossing the border. Damn, Shurf, sure wish you’d a called earlier, we’d a nabbed him for you. Murderer on the loose, Getting Out of Marshall Time for Marvin. On the loose and on his way to Mexico for a fugitive’s life. Only something went wrong. Marvin must have been reading the papers and listening to the radio, because about that time he started letting people know where he stood. I mean that Mexico talk was the shuck, Citizen, he started letting himself be seen. Hither and thither. Man answering suspect’s description seen entering woods at . . . seen running across a field at .. . seen clanging a flat tire for a lady at .. . seen fishing along the banks of. . . . Like Robin Hood, you see, the first of some depraved Merry Band out in the Sabine Bottom, running around damn near any place he pleased, not really out to slaughter half the sleeping children in the country, just doing it the way that only an old trapper and bait man like Marvin could do it. He just had these two or three people who had been getting on his nerves, I mean, there was the wife and maybe one or two others, you see, and hell, that was all, didn’t mean to make such a big fuss, there was just this business he wanted to get over and then he’d settle down. It was obvious that he intended to take care of this chore involving a gun and the little woman. Oh, Good Lord, the town said, this is too much, this is not the way the Chamber of Commerce likes to paint it, this is kind of what they call West-of-the-Pecos, woolly wild stuff, and this business of Robin Hood, the way the town has caught it in its imagination and all, the way the kids are playing it up, it’s downright unhealthy. I mean, if there’s a killer loose, someone has to nail him, he has to be taken care of, and people have got to stop romancing this deal like it was a damned movie. Only not Robin Hood in the movie, Spectator, but Marvin Hood, Marvin Hood, tramping through the glen. And everywhere you went people were cracking jokes about it, talking it up, respecting the old boy’s cunning and style. It was good to see a little man get ahead, to see him bounce back. It was damn good he was able to put that flair into it. Of course, the Chamber of Commerce was right, his head had to be blown off and that was all there was to that, but isn’t it nice that the little fellow is able to make such a good chase out of it. And this posse business, this getting into the act was all right, friend, it was fun to carry a gun with you everywhere you went. That was the way it ought to be anyhow. Have you seen Marvin Hood . . . do you know anyone who has? I mean everyone is in the act, a lot of men strapping pistols, and of course, the big thing, well the Big Thang was those genuine Texas Rangers, Real honest to God Rangers, imported in, pulling horse trailers behind those impressive sedans with the concealed red lights underneath the chrome. God damn, have you seen those Texas Rangers, Bubba . . . Rolling their own, before the Marlboros would take over, actually rolling their own damned cigarooties, and look at them, look at those horses and those carbines. Face it. Marvin’s goose, it’s cooked. THEN CAME the dogs, trained bloodhounds from Huntsville, Brother, and Good Lord, the Sheriff and his men, the Police, the Texas Rangers, the National Guard, I mean preachers, duckhunters, bank clerks, cement masons, mechanics. Everybody, Brother, women too, was into the act. The women sat on the sidelines with hot coffee and encouragement and speculation about those rollyourown Rangers. God, how the chase was on. And Good Company, Son, don’t think you won’t have something to talk about some Christmas 20 years from now. And those hounds, whooping and crying with the scent, oh God Damn, who would ever want to Get Out of Marshall now, I mean who could dream of anything like this! Sister, you lived out in the country toward the Sabine River, then, out where Marvin made his appearances. You kept your children locked up in , the house, as did everyone out there, not because you were so afraid of Marvin, but because of one of the neighbors who had gone and bought a genuine six shooter, a real bullet spitting pistol that strapped around the waist. He tied the holster down with a little thin piece of rawhide around the thigh, like the Rangers. He went outside and practiced, all the time, slapping leather, learning the art of the quick draw. That was the ticket, that was the way to trap a rat like Marvin Hood, face him down, bite your lip, and stare him in the eye. West of the Pecos, I’m telling you, and right here in the middle of the Sabine River Bottom overgrowth. A reward? Who cares . . . who knows about money, there would be reward enough, lots of intangibles, plenty of reward. They might let you have an ear or a toe or, hell, for that matter, Clyde, you might even stuff the whole beast. I mean if you were man enough to face him down and slap leather to nail him, who was to tell you what your reward should be. So the neighborhood was out early in the morning, was out all the time, practicing the quick draw, slapping that gun butt and drilling, DRILLING I’m telling you, any tin can or any target that could be nailed down. Throw down, Marv, go for your gun, damn you, and take that while we’re at it. And the kids were kept locked in the house, everyone was paralyzed with fear because of Clyde and his six shooter, and then the matter took care of itself. Mister Quick Draw slapped Rosengren’s Bookstore 312 Bonham, San Antonio