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IF YOU ARE an occasional reader and would like to receive the Texas Observer regularly or if you are a subscriber and would like to have a free sample copy or a one year gift subscription sent to a friend here’s the order form: SEND THE OBSERVER TO name street city state zip this subscription is for myself gift subscription; send card in my name sample copy only; you may use my name $8.40 enclosed for a one year sub bill me for $8.40 \(omit the 40y 1 MY NAME & ADDRESS “OBSERVER cisa t 600 WEST 7TH, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78701 Clayton candid Re your Sept. 20 story on the speaker’s race: thanks for noting that some of us “didn’t even ask for anything but fair play” during the speakership discussions with Rep. Bill Clayton. I would like to stress that my hour-plus conversation with Clayton covered a number of issues and the priority item education was only the first on the list. Clayton’s promise of fairness on all the issues both on the podium and in committees cannot be judged until he is on that podium. But, for the record, he never claimed to be anything more or less than he has been and the Legislature could use a good dose of candor! Rep. Chris Miller, P.O. Box 9063, Fort Worth, Tex. 76107. Bad hand Your lead TO article, “The Little excellent. Rep. Billy Clayton is indeed pornographic, or so it seems to a country boy in Fort Worth. Have you yet had the edifying experience of comparing the tickets which our two major parties are serving up to us on the State level in November? Perhaps, as in bridge, if we all pass, we can get a redeal. G. Thomas Rowland, 2719 Cockrell Ave., Fort Worth, Tex. 76109. 24 The Texas Observer I, Dialogue Small print The Observer could render service if it could induce the insurance lobby to enact a law that permits misrepresentation or fraud BEFORE the incident but denies it after. All doctors’ offices are swamped with letters and forms from insurance companies AFTER the incident that we are expected to fill out without renumeration so that our clients can get their money. There is no complaint about legitimate forms that ask legitimate questions pertinent to the insurance. A typical question is, “When did you first attend this patient for heart disease?” This requires a search for records. The point is that these shoddy insurance companies are fishing for a cause for fraud AFTER the incident. Old folks particularly grasping for security fall for the salesmen, who do not emphasize the small print but elaborate on what the “company” will pay if the premium is paid and the application signed. It is not uncommon for a patient to have five such policies. W. E. Lockhart, M.D., 401 N. Fourth Street, Alpine, Tex. 79830. Humanism Aline House should realize that were it not for the ACLU, TCLU, and joint committee, the execution at Huntsville would have occurred a few days earlier and she might have been one of the victims. To her and others like her, I have one question: “Do you honestly expect an inmate who is treated like an animal to behave like a human?” Hopefully, with the continued efforts of the above-named organizations, we shall someday see inmates treated like humans and a resulting drop in the rate of recidivism. Mark H. White, 800 Boyd, Midland, Tex. 79701 fortnight… OCTOBER 29 A LITTLE QUIET MUSIC Jan De Gaetani, internationally famous mezzo-soprano, performs with University Chamber Ensemble; through Oct. 30, 8 p.m., Hogg Auditorium, University of Texas, Austin. HILLS ARE STILL ALIVE Can you believe anyone is still cranking out “The Sound of Music?” Try Crystal Palace Dinner Theatre; all the way through Dec. 8, Dallas. OCTOBER 31 LONDON VIRTUOSI Seven musicians performing chamber music from Bach to Telemann; 8 p.m., Hogg Auditorium, University of Texas, Austin. TAYLOR TROUPE Paul Taylor, a native Texan, with his fine company of dancers perform in rare Texas visit; Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos. A DOLL’S HOUSE That’s where “Coppelia” lives in traditional ballet to music , by Delibes, restaged for Houston Ballet by the renowned Frederic Franklin, who’ll make a guest appearance; through Nov. 2, Jones Hall, Houston. HOT ROMANCE “Don Juan in Hell,” with Ricardo Montalban and Myrna Loy heading road company cast; 8:30 p.m., Theatre for the Performing Arts, San Antonio. CORRECTION In its coverage of the State Republican Convention, the Observer improperly identified Polly Sowell as national Republican committeewoman. Rita Bass is national committeewoman. Ms. Sowell is vice-chairman of the State Republican Party.