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‘OBSERVER 4tc INDEX E-419544970 PLUS 1971, 1972 and 1973 SUPPLEMENTS WHO was Bascom Giles and why was he in prison? WHAT did Ben Jack Cage do before he fled to Brazil? WHEN did Billie Sol sell all that fertilizer? WHERE was the “stolen” Democratic Convention of ’56? WHY did the farm workers strike? HOW CAN I FIND OUT? Giles CIG:xe9 .11s5e;:. 135 5.’2:: ‘SSIar deb se 12’ial.bts..veb. 4, See 151:11111 1,1-q551?1 SeVt. 6 tM y 16.cil A l”:59:::::: ::111:TCeEL:1: 11:rC;a1 tal\( sdN e:1 1:1:31::::::155111:01:C.9:::91166S66″6:::::13:13115SOR:t2 :113C1.1:1611:16EE SP Shivers in a fix on P. 4. Rayb urn prevails, disharmony re ign s. 1 Ala g ‘ 1ST c Ap. 25, 1955, SEPTEMBER 1956 –, 1956, p. 4. A ‘fair deal’ for loypaa lin stys. plans September role. Aug. 22, 1956, SIGE’ BEN Sept. 12, To All This and More! stesee ,also INsSjAURCIC ANCE COMPANY OF TEXAS Ben Jack in Denver; spat in labor recalled. Feb Be Jack Cage talking. Sept. 20, 19.57, p. 1. The ICT story. Feb 12, 1957, P. h. 19. 1957. D. 4′ 41″ 19, 1956′ P. cs’i ,k, ,., n Jack clams up again. Sept 27 1957, p. 1 _ , sbilfoe1 Pecos04Jack Cage. Sept 27, 1957 1 sales xlp. 2? -0 Patt i, zIot t ,..p. 374 i bzaii 4,017,11–62, p. el; lymeill i’f017,3 oci y , 414 ti7tst e get bio s AA 7, r oli…,, Pr ob e -4, 196.2 196,-4 Abbe .ip . 28 4,42,. -, P. 1./. Peihd _.,00 1952 -.'”-k 4:St . c. 0.0 Estes Ala 40y. ” Q’ealS les . Yet to be 0 The index is an author and subject record of the articles from its beginning in 1954. 0 The index was compiled by Susan Reid, A.B., M.S. and Frances Cushing, A.B., M.L.S., professional librarians. 0 The index uses subject headings as established by the Library of Congress. 0 THE TEXAS OBSERVER is available on microfilm from the Microfilming Corporation of America. Bound volumes and individual issues or photocopies of articles may be obtained from The Texas Observer. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 600 WEST 7 AUSTIN, TEXAS 78701 Send the cloth-bound cumulative edition of the 1954-1970 Texas Observer Index plus sales tax. C alition check enclosed bill me Name Address City State Zip Send information regarding microfilm and annual volumes