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A Public Service Message from the American Income Life Insurance CompanyExecutive offices, Waco, TexasBernard Rapoport,Pres. Random Thoughts From Tristraim Editor, WASHINGTON WATCH The opinions are solely those of the writer. American Income subscribes to the advise of John Dewey, when he said: “We need a Ministry of Disturbance, a regulated source of annoyance; a destroyer of routine; an underminer of complacency.” The heiress to the Wanamaker fortune jumped or fell from her New York apartment and was killed. She was an alcoholic. She had found no solace in money and social position, and tried to reach it through alcohol. A Harlem hustler writes from prison he was driven to crime and a “dog eat dog” philosophy by the incessant pressure of advertising to buy the “good things of life.” A grey and shaken ex-President, disgraced and in poor health, enters a California hospital. All three sought happiness in false gods money, fame, alcohol and were destroyed. They defied a basic law of nature, live in harmony with your environment. Any man who struggles incessantly against his environment, his surroundings and those who live in it, is doomed. Those who live the richest lives are those able to find joy and beauty and friendship in a blade of grass, a passing face, a helping hand. This is a hard and indisputable fact of life. It is neither possible to beat out a victory over the environment, nor to escape from it by alcohol, drugs or mysticism. Harmony is the only true answer. If man is to endure as a species, harmony must become the universal cult. Otherwise, men and nations fighting over the depleting store of resources, armed with terrifying weapons of mass destruction, will turn this Earth into a barren moon. The concept of “the enemy” must be banished. Man has assumed that whoever disagrees with him, whoever covets what is his is “the enemy” and must be destroyed. This has bred the “dog eat dog” way of life, in which the individual finds himself surrounded by enemies and forced to fight for survival. Yet many have discovered that “the enemy” is an illusion, that with patience and tolerance differences will fall away. Suppose, for example, after World War II, the United States had showered Soviet Russia with attention and consideration. Would we have had to endure the huge outlays for weapons and foreign aid, and two disastrous wars in Asia?