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Phone 512/442-7836 1714 SOUTH CONGRESS P.O. BOX 3485 AUSTIN, TEXAS L. Happiness Is Printing By UTURA Newspapers Magazines Political Specialists Signs and Placards Bumperstrips Office Supplies 100% Union Shop PRESS hunger, to be asked about a sordid case of torture.” Questions of this kind are being asked about our neighbor to the south, Mexico. The shooting of hundreds of students by the army in 1968 has been followed by reports of sordid political imprisonments by Mexico’s imitation democracy. The gross neglect of the poor by the allegedly “revolutionary” government has caused guerrilla outbreaks in many parts of the country, especially down near Acapulco. But I should think Texans would not, any more than any of the other 40,000 members of Amnesty International, need proximity to feel humanhood and concern with political prisoners everywhere. “We demonstrate continuously to the prisoners and to their governments,” AI says, “that no one is forgotten, that someone cares, that injustice, mass arrests, mock trials and torture will never become mere news items.” THE VOLUNTARY coordinator of Amnesty International in Texas is Patti Stone, whom you can write at P.O. Box 11073, Fort Worth 76109. Only about 50 Texans now belong, operating three chapters in Austin and four in Fort Worth. “At least four of their adopted prisoners have been released during the year they have been working for their prisoners,” Ms. Stone says. Texas AI members have spoken in university classes, church meetings and on radio programs; they have participated in a social action fair and an activities carnival and sponsored a bake sale to raise funds for group membership dues. There will be a benefit concert for AI in Fort Worth Oct. 10 featuring the flamenco and classical guitar of Jesus de Jerez, and Ginetta Sagan is trying to organize a dinner or party of some kind for AI in Houston. Sissy Farenthold says she will come, and Personal Service Quality Insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE 808A E. 46th, Austin, Texas 459-6577 Joan Baez might be able to be there, too. Patti Stone of Fort Worth says, “I see AI as an organization able to act effectively in situations where isolated individual actions could have no effect. AI, through its reputation for credibility and nonpartianship, has the power to influence a government to respect the rights of its citizens. For AI’s members, it creates an awareness of the fragility of human rights and the importance of the protection of human rights in all countries. American citizens particularly do not fully realize the tremendous effect their group efforts can have on the policies of other countries. “We have the choice,” Ms. Stone says, “of keeping silent in the face of massive repression, or we can act to alleviate those conditions. AI offers a way.” I am joining. R.D. IDialogue Wrong policy Monetary restraint policy is the real cause of price inflation, because of fundamental relationships between interest rates and wage increase rates. For the past 100 years, wages have increased at mean annual rates almost precisely equal to annual interest rates on large low-risk commercial loans. Any failure of wages to keep pace has created deficient consumer purchasing power and recession or depression. Prices of goods must rise at an annual rate equal to the prime interest rate minus the rate of increase of worker productivity, or businessmen will find it most attractive to close down their facilities and become lenders rather than producers. In a year like 1974, with 12 percent interest rates and 5 percent productivity decline, a 17 percent inflation occurs. To halt inflation it is necessary that interest rates come down and expansion of , productive facilities occur. Monetary restraint policies have exactly the wrong effect, in both respects. The people are being told that they must suffer to stop inflation. It’s time they learned that the very policies causing the pain are also solely responsible for rising prices. The truth is that a low rate of price inflation depends on a low interest rate, a low velocity of circulation of money, and an abundant supply of money. If the money supply is inadequate, progressive price inflation must be generated to compel more rapid turnover of money, or the economy cannot be sustained. If, wage and price controls were augmented by an abundance of money 14 The Texas Observer