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I WA Journal of Free Voices 500 A Window to the South E-4 Sept. 20, 1974 oCeikkilt PAVYLCI Austin The man most likely to reign over the tiny kingdom of the Texas House of Representatives next session has a 12-year political record that is utterly without redeeming social value. Rep. Billy Clayton of Springlake was first elected to the Legislature in 1962 and during the six sessions since then, he has compiled a consistent and dreary record. It is a record more reactionary than it is conservative it is anti-labor, anti-urban, anti-reform, anti-progress and anti-human concern. The man who amassed this unenviable record is a prince of a fellow personally no horns, no tail. He’s a 46-year-old Aggie, grandpa, rancher, farmer, Mutscherman and quondam water lobbyist. He says he has always voted his district just voted the way the folks out there wanted him to, that’s the way they all think out there. One is tempted to ask why he didn’t move long ago. THE STATE AFL-CIO puts together an analysis of politicans’ voting records after each session and grades the performances. AFL analyses generally include two or three just up-and-down labor issues workman’s comp, minimum wage, etc. but the bulk of the votes they use as their criteria are on straight good-government issues. According to AFL’s analysis, Clayton started off briskly in his first session with 18 wrong votes, one right vote and one absent. In 1965, his best year, Clayton got two right votes, 13 wrong and two absents. In ’67, he was one ft. . . ‘ 4 i ….* % . .% … ‘… ..,6: ; . 0_ . . N% : . P. 1 . .. w I. ……i .. . _. 4 i . f .0.%. .4 . 0 . 0 4 I . .43. I at *** e f s o.” v,