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As administered, the legislation seems more than anything else to be a truth in labelling instrument. It helps assure farmers that the poisons they buy contain exactly what the label says they contain. The agriculture department has the authority to send agents into a store, take a herbicide off a shelf and test it to make sure the percentages of ingredients listed on the label truly represent what is in the bottle. Mislabeling is grounds for suspension of registration. The act provides that the agriculture commissioner can refuse to register , or cancel the registration of a pesticide: Which has demonstrated serious uncontrollable adverse effects, either within or outside the agricultural environment. The use of which is of less public value or greater detriment to the environment than the benefits received by its use; or “\(3 Which, even when properly used, is detrimental to vegetation, except weeds, to domestic animals, to the public health and safety, or Concerning which any false or misleading statement is made or implied by the registrant …; or When any registrant of a chemical or pesticide fails to comply with the requirements of the Act or any rule or regulation adopted by the Commissioner.” Pesticides, however, are rarely taken off the market in Texas. Arsenic is not regulated under the state herbicide law. “Right now,” says Alvin Ashorn of the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Division of the state department, “We can’t tell a guy how to use arsenic.” Concerning the Waxahachie farmers’ allegations that their colleagues sometimes use eight times as much arsenic as federally recommended, Ashorn pointed out that arsenic and other pesticides are very expensive when used in large quantities and that farmers usually just can’t afford to put overdoses on their crops. “But, it’s like speedin’,” he said. “You know somebody’s gonna do it. And it doesn’t take but one out of ten to make the whole ten look bad.” Congress passed the Federal Environmental Pesticide Control Act in 1972 and the Environmental Protection Agency is currently working on guidelines for enforcing the act. It will apply to private applicators as well as to the makers and sellers of agricultural poisons. 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