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Sexist words They keep telling us we’ve come a long, long way; but I really wonder how far, when a supposedly “liberal, progressive” newspaper must be educated to sexist language. In Steve Barthelme review of Working \(Obs., man on a car assembly line,” and “an advertising man,” while in the same breath, it *’a “bright engaging young girl” writing for a health institute, and “a girl who works as’a bank teller.” Will the day ever come, when such phrasing will jar one’s lOgic as doei , for instance, “an advertising bOy” or “a tioy on a car assembly line.” Brenda Loudermilk, 3920 Driscoll, Houston, Tex. 77006. With a small d A Texan cannot vote Democratic and be a democrat! With four exceptions Texans have elected name-only Democrats as governors. A conservative Democrat is a Republican with a Southern name. As long as we vote party we’re voting Republican. But we can vote Republican on the state level and in time straighten out the parties. It’s stupid to continue as is. We can reclaim the Democratic party only b voting Republican on the state level for decade or so! Rus Purifoy, 600 N. Dotsy #14, Odessa Tex. 79763. TIME OUT There will be a three-week inte before the next Observer is publish Our schedule is being revised in orde eliminate, conflicts between our reg print days; and Monday holidays for rest of the year. work in Mississippi. In many instances he takes people that others do not want to work with. He is a fine Christian Gentleman and runs his homes and deals with people in a Christian like manner. Carrie Howard, 408 E. College, Coleman, Tex. 76834. Lord on throne I feel sorry for people who have to print lies and ruin someone’s testimony like Bro. Roloff but you are really the losers. People believe in him and stand behind him one-hundred percent. In Romans 12:19 it is written, “Vengeance is mine I will repay saith the Lord.” I would rather face the people and reprint the truth than the Lord. The Supreme Court found him not guilty, the Lord is still on this throne. Miss Pat E. Garrett, 811 Riverside Dr. S.W., Albuquerque, N.M. 87105. Church, 3901 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, Colo. 80303. Bible discipline My heart aches to think of the wicked lies you are publishing about Brother Lester Roloff and the Rebekah Home for Girls at Corpus Christi. I have been there and I have never been so touched in my life as I was to see the girls and hear those sweet testimonies of a new life in Christ. Don’t go against Jesus! Let the Church have freedom to preach the blessed Bible and rescue the perishing. That’s a word of love, but brutality. I force myself to spank my girls because the Bible says if you don’t you hate them. We’ve got to have Bible discipline in this country or we perish! Sincerely, a Christian mother, Mrs. Jack McMurry, Box 30, Farson, Wyo. 82932. cinch bet. If you believe in God and there is one, then you’ve won. It there isn’t, you haven’t lost anything either. All of you remember Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who filed the suit to have prayer taken out of public schools. Once she was jailed in San Antonio and Maury Maverick, Jr., walked in her cell and told her the ACLU had sent him to take her case, and she replied, “thank God you’re here.” So maybe in a jail cell or in a waiting room of M. D. Anderson Hospital when you are waiting five hours for your son to come back from surgery, even the most unbelieving may believe. Many people from around the state and nation have sent word that they wished us the best, were thinking about us, were praying for us, and of course, we are grateful. Billie Carr, 2418 Travis, Suite 3, Houston, Tex. 77006. Progress and price Your article concerning the LCRA-City of Austin Power Plant Project in Fayette County \(Obs., that is too often overlooked in determining the pluses and minuses of the project. I am sometimes concerned with economic opportunists whose blinders are snugly in position to ignore folks like the Polaseks. It is disheartening to me, however, to realize that many of our own county’s citizens are included amongst the ranks of those who place economic “progress” The Tizas Observer above all else. .Dan .R. Beck, P.O. Drawer 329, Flatonia, 10. Tex. 78941. 4 Carr c rifles Your litical Intelligence on Jun 7 referred m as a practicing agnostic. That’s no quite true. I do believe in a Supreme Being. A lawyer in Houston replied to. that statement by saying, “yes, and we all know who you think she is!” Now that’s irreverent. In the 50’s I was a pillar of the Methodist Church, president of the Women’s Society and later East Houston Secretary of Christian Social Concerns. However, I do not believe in denominations and organized religions. They waste time, talent and money. Most churches are big business these days and do very Mlle to help bring about needed changes in today’s world. However, l want to share two stories with you: One, A. group of professional gamblers in Vegas were talking while playing poker about whether or not they believed in God. Each said no until the eader, Benny, surprised everyone and said, well ; I do.” . When asked why, he said, “Simple it’s a jelly-roll, boys.” Later someone told me that in gambling language, a jelly-roll is like a sure thing; a Vulgar reporting PRAISE THE LORD FOR LESTER ROLOFF! I am writing this letter to protest your inaccurate, bigoted, slanderous, vulgar reporting of the ministry of this faithful Man of God. You will someday have to answer to God for the lies and falsehoods you have published and broadcasted across America… . Sincerely, A Bible Believer, Bob Benefield, youth’ pastor, Highland Baptist