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generally supposed by government and public alike that traditional fossil fuels would be adequate for national energy needs. Are you faulting Texas utilities which were far-sighted enough to invest in research and development of a promising though then-remote energy source? You state that under contractual agreements with UT, the electric power industry will have access to patents associated with any technological developments, though that access shall not be exclusive. Tsk, tsk. Shame on those utilities for wanting to guarantee their shareowners access to developments paid for with the shareowners’ money. In this regard, the question might logically be asked, “What alternatives were available for this type of research?” Would the author of your article have preferred the utilities to establish a private lab to conduct the research and have sole right to the patents? That is the way most technological developments are achieved. If the author supposes that government available in the mid-50’s, he is naive indeed. Until two years ago, politicians and public acted as if fossil fuels were inexhaustible. Your author assumes thermonuclear fusion will be the energy source of the future. I share that belief, but there are numerous experts who place more confidence in solar, geothermal and magneto-hydrodynamics as long-range solutions to energy needs. Should fusion prove to be the one, and should the turbulent tokamak concept be the method 16 The Texas Observer \(pulse laser concepts at Princeton and in then presumably the university can license patent use to raise funds for additional R&D on other concepts. Who’s the loser? Not the public, which would benefit from additional energy, hopefully at lower prices. Other industries and the public power pools? No, since they had and still have the option of funding research on their own. And if they don’t, they can pay fees for patent use, thereby sharing the R&D expenses of patent owners if fusion becomes commercial. What if fusion is a bust? What if solar energy is the ultimate answer, or if fusion proves to be uneconomical, do the companies or public power pools not participating in funding share the loss of those R&D dollars? They do not. Therein lies the key to virtually all of the significant technical developments in this country’s history far-sighted individuals, entrepreneurs willing to take a risk because they have faith in a concept. When such ideas are “blue sky” promises, you’ll have a hard time convincing politicians and voters to spend tax dollars for development. That’s the purpose of stockholders big and small to risk capital in the hope for a return. After condemning industrial/university projects, the article’s last paragraph broadens its scope and bemoans the fact that the university is being “taken” not only by business but by government. If you rule out funding by those two, what’s left? Perhaps I missed the point. D. N. Bulla, manager, public relations, Houston Lighting & Power, P.O. Box 1700, Houston, Tex. 77001. compensation when elected to public office, then you have a perfect right to cast doubt on the propriety of Congressman Teague’s drawing disability retirement pay, but you should tell it like it is. In another part of the same issue, Ronnie mentions Lucille and me rather nostalgically in referring to the political fifties. We have not changed a goddamn inch. We contributed more than we could afford to the McGovern campaign and continue to be more and more glad of it. We don’t threaten to stop our subscription to The Texas Observer every time we disagree with it but pay for sending it to us by airmail so we can disagree on a timely basis when called for. This is one of those times. My liberalism does not interfere one whit with the friendship that “Tiger” Teague and I have had over a good many years. A lot of folks might benefit by knowing him a wee bit better. William 0. Cooper, 16 Rue Hamelin, Paris 16, France. Fade more, Woody I read where you referred to Judge Woodrow Bean as a “faded liberal.” How wrong can you be? Bean, as chairman of the City of El Paso Housing Authority, has just added 4,000 housing units for low income people in El Paso, despite the Nixon Impoundment. If that’s “fading,” let populist Bean “fade more.” Jane Villanueva, 9112 Mt. Olympus, El Paso, Tex. 79924. Defending Tiger You would be on sound liberal ground to criticize Congressman Teague’s voting record, but you stray into McCarthyistic innuendo when you slur his military retirement \(Ohs., Congressman Teague was a reserve officer in World War II and was wounded several times. He was awarded three Purple Hearts for gunshot wounds, three Silver Stars for gallantry in action, three Bronze Stars for heroism and the French “Croix de guerre” with Palms for bravery. His last wound resulted in the loss of practically an entire foot and he spent two years in army hospitals for treatment. Under appropriate law and regulations he was retired for physical disability. Had he not been a reserve officer he would have been eligible for similar disability compensation under the provisions administered by the Veterans Administration. In such case. he would be severely disabled as is Congressman Teague. If you are willing to ask every disabled veteran to give up his disability On Feb. 13, the President drove to the Bethesda Naval Hospital for his annual physical checkup. Six physicians, all on the public payroll, examined him and pronounced him fit. On Feb. 14, the President spoke at the dedication of the new Cedars of Lebanon Hospital Center in Miami. “When I go to a hospital,” he said, “or when I call a doctor, I want that doctor to be working for the patient and not for the Federal Government.” Are there any questions’? Potomacus, The Progressive, April, 1974. Thanks, folks The Observer, in highly uncharacteristic fashion, has actually been involved with a financially successful enterprise. Our fund-raiser on April 24 raised money! The folks in charge of the loot haven’t finished counting yet, but they tell us we’ve got something between $800 and $1,000, which we think is very big time. Many, many thanks to all of you who helped out. It means a lot to us. Eds.