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take generations, it IS dead indeed. The cause of the sickness, in my opinion the great majority of Americans, little people, blacks, whites, browns, liberals, labor, radicals, all the names they beat idealists over the head with, have neglected to use our ballot wisely and allowed aspiring scoundrels to lie, steal and cheat their way to power while blabbing their dedication to “law and order.” They have committed this nation, once respected all over the world, to become a nation both feared and hated. Vietnam and the callousness of those who condoned and promoted it, literally seared the souls of us who fought the treachery, pleading with our mute congressmen, trying to penetrate the thick hides of two Presidents hell bent on continuing to kill and maim and burn with all the diabolical discoveries of a military devoid of human decency. Our failure to STOP the slaughter over a period of years has left its moral blight. But this is no time to cry. We need a transfusion to stimulate our hope for a turn-about. Sissy Farenthold blew the whistle on the corruption she found in the Texas Legislature, denounced the guilty, loud and clear, until they were diverted from their path to power. Her election would rejuvenate the fighting spirit. Only through her election would there be a return to confidence in Texas leadership. THEREFORE, I call on little people throughout Texas to give to the limit of our ability of work and money. Sissy Farenthold will not be a governor for special interests, and her opponent, with thousands of dollars piled up from a suspiciously delayed law suit to account for it and huge contributions from those 24 The Texas Observer who stand to gain from maintaining the status quo will saturate the airwaves, control the newspapers and brainwash those who are willing to settle for mediocrity. I don’t give great hope that we can win. I only know that I cannot live with myself unless I continue to fight for what I believe to be RIGHT. Cordye Hall, 5835 Ellsworth, Dallas, Tex. 75205. Almost… Ronnie Dugger’s brilliant liberal call-to-arms-let’s-get-out-the-vote of 29 March almost convinced me to go back on my vow never to vote again . . . almost. FLASHBACK: As the sun set on 15 November 1972 and I was sure that, indeed, the fait had been accompli, I walked out to my car and peeled off “McGovern 1972″ \(dirty after fourteen months and two trips between Houston Day.” Mr. Dugger would label me “apathy.” But persons caught within a certain value structure too quickly place such labels on outsiders. The hero of “The Paper Chase” says that law school has three types: avid participant’s viewpoint. Contributing members of society call hippies “drop-outs.” The faulty reasoning is the same in each of these cases; persons who take certain values as given, view only in terms of success or failure what is actually a conscious decision to set aside certain values. Thus, with this in mind Mr. Dugger, I will explain why there are no more stickers on my bumper. One cannot humanize through organizational effort, it must be individual. Organizations dissipate vital energy. Jesus had twelve disciples, all of whom went door to door and worked with people. Not a great sales promotion, but it got the job done. Now, with one disciple on the property committee, another on the education committee, another on personnel, a fourth on budget \(how to etc., there is a working, viable organization getting nothing done except its own business. Such is politics, such is business, such is organization. I have decided to use all my energy to work with people, not organizations. Be there when someone needs help. Have a personal effect. If you raise your own consciousness, it affects those around you. What more could be desired? \(Is this why Senator Hughes is For you who exert energy in political pursuits, good luck. But understand that when I and my colleagues are elsewhere, it’s not necessarily apathy. Walter Earl Bissex, 5510 Belmont, Houston, Tex. 77005. Will boycott I’ve known about some of the boycotts and have done my best to do my own boycotting. But did not know about Gallo and California wines Will not buy anymore, but Gallo makes the best sherry I’ve ever had. I do want to know just what it is that makes you say boycott ALL Safeway Stores. Up to now that would have been no problem, but a new Safeway is opening just two blocks from my home. Here’s to finding a good say, New York sherry. Elanor Black, 9418 Highmeadow, Houston, Tex. 77042. “ALL Safeway stores” because the chain remains one of the largest purchasers of non-UFW lettuce and grapes, and because a change in Safeway’s policies would be a major victory for the farm workers. Ed. Friend we have in Kugle Upon reading the article on the California wine makers, I discovered that I have been a better friend to the farm workers than I realized. I have tasted Thunderbird one time in my youth and have been boycotting it ever since. William H. Kugle, Jr., Suite 301, 1st State Bank Bldg., P.O. Box 152, Athens, Tex. 75751. Is this gratitude? As a student for 12 years in a “rich” West Texas school district and later as a teacher in a much less than “rich” Central Texas district, I read with interest “82-84, 82-84, 82-84” \(see Obs., March Any Presidio student who desires to study Latin should by all means have that opportunity. If such a student has learned English in Presidio then he or she can learn anything. It appears that Texas will never become a champion for equal education on a monetary basis as long as school systems with power and money are in existence. I also found it interesting that anyone would even bother to check the Dallas Morning News for an editorial about such when a simple news story about the proceedings was almost non-existent in that paper. Yes, we should be grateful for the two-vote margin as long as we are forced to contend with legislators and a governor who are obviously ignorant of problems that lie in areas outside their own. Vivian Morrow, 3073 Walnut Hill, Irving, Tex. 75062.