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an interesting footnote that Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz is a director of a company which is a major producer of agricultural chemicals. Multi-billion dollar businesses with legal staffs and lobbyists have the quickness inspired by greed. Federal regulatory agencies are burdened with the slowness of bureaucracy. Neither seem to have the clarity that comes from having the public interest uppermost in their minds. As Dow’s former President Ted Doan said in Forbes government passes a new regulation, and you’re out another half million.” \(Mr. Doan’s salary at Dow was more than a On the positive side, a Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis has lifted the injunction against the Environmental Protection Agency making it possible for the EPA to continue with plans for public hearings. It is of some comfort to know that the United Farmworkers Union 12 The Texas Observer CLASSIFIED Classified advertising is 20/ per word. 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YOUR BOOK PRINTED from well-typed manuscript. Any quantity economical. BIOGRAPHY PRESS, Rt. 1, Box 745, Aransas Pass, Texas 78336. EDUCATORS WORKSHOP. Individualized treatment of students; 4 semester hours credit possible; June 9-21; Austin. Contact: Foundation for Educational Skills, 3520 Cedar Springs, Dallas 75219. prohibits the use of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D in all their harvesting contracts. And it helps to know that the Los Angeles City Council recently passed a motion censoring the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service for using 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D. A woman there named Ida Honorof has conducted a publicity campaign on her radio show and in her newsletter about the dangers of these herbicides. Meanwhile, the Air Force is sitting on a surplus stockpile of 2,338,900 gallons of Agent Orange \(Science, Some of it is highly contaminated with dioxin. A million and a half gallons sit in barrels on Johnston Island in the North Pacific, and the remaining is stored in Gulfport, Miss. The barrels are slowly rusting, letting Agent Orange seep into the coral reefs of the Pacific, and costing the Air Force up to $400,000 yearly in maintenance. Last year, the Air Force drafted a proposal to burn the surplus stocks in Illinois and Texas. Considering the fact that dioxin is apparently generated under thermal conditions, this was a highly dangerous proposition. That proposal was dropped. In January, an enterprising businessman named Arnold Livingston from Blue Spruce International, a New Jersey firm, proposed that the Air Force turn the surplus over to him so that he might distribute it in Latin America. The Air Force replied that it could not turn the stocks over to a private concern, so Livingston enlisted the aid of a non-profit By Max Woodfin Galveston Jeremy refuses tips as a matter of pride. Hotel and motel workers are infamous for petty theft or for waiting outside guests’ doors in patient vigil for loose change. Hospital workers are infamous for vulturing during their rounds. But Jeremy, who combines hotel and hospital work, says he has a job to do and he wants to do it well. “First off, it’s against rules around here. But you don’t see that stoppin’ anyone else from takin’ money for anything from movin’ a chair to unstoppin’ a john. Come to think of it, there’s some rules I break, so that ain’t the real reason I don’t take the money. Don’t think I don’t have the chances. I just think it means I’m less of a person than whoever it is givin’ the money. Means they’re usin’ me. Treatin’ me like servants. I’ve got a job to do and it may not be much, but I’m gonna try to do it with my head up.” The author works in a nursing home in Galveston. firm by the name of International Research, Inc., of New York. The IRI is funded by Rockefeller money and conveniently runs experimental agricultural programs in Latin America. Presently the plan waits for the Environmental Protection Agency to rule that the chemicals are safe for domestic use. \(A State Department official consulted said, “We would never do anything overseas we There is a good possibility that the chemicals would be used by Latin American governments against guerrillas. U.S. companies currently supply Portugal and South Africa with herbicides for military use. In the case of Brazil, they might be used against the native population in the northwest where the government is trying to “clear” for development. Livingston and the IRI are trying to sell the Air Force on the idea that the barrels could be diluted and repainted \(to conceal old price to Latin Americans. Jerome F. Harrison of the IRI says, “It would be developing markets. . . . We’re beating swords into plowshares. The earth doesn’t need such plowshares overseas or at home. Ms. Embree, who worked for two and a half years doing research with the North American Congress on Latin America, was a contributor to Sisterhood is Powerful. Jeremy works from midnight until 8 a.m., six days a week. It’s called the graveyard shift, the red-eye shift, but Jeremy has another name for it. “It’s the nigger shift, nobody but a nigger ought to work it.” Jeremy has a little problem about race. He’s white, approaching 60 and not making much money. The way he sees it, to get along now days, a man needs to be black, young and born in the right place. His job is combination night watchman, repairman, heating and cooling regulator and walking feeling of security for more than 300 retired people. He is one of the very few who have worked the late shift who hasn’t taken advantage of the solitude via a long nap. He may spend a lot of time talking to night switchboard operators and nurses, but he’s around when needed. He refuses to wear the standard company uniform, says the rental fee is just too much. Instead, he wears a green or grey jump suit, several sizes too large. Invariably, the pockets show the weight of equipment for several jobs. Sure enough, a request for a tool will send Jeremy’s grease Jeremy