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For 15 bucks you can be ‘the most powerful lobbyist in Texas.’ Before we were one year old, Common Cause of Texas was called “the most powerful lobby in Texas” by State Rep. Fred Agnich of Dallas. Agnich was there when Common Cause, the non-partisan citizens lobby, put its muscle behind passage of open meetings, ethics and lobby reform bills. Agnich hadn’t wanted full financial disclosure in the ethics bill, but he changed his stand when the Common Cause telephone chain went into action. The telephone chain Texans like you who saw an opportunity for legislation to bring state government back to the people, Texans who acted, Texans whose voices were heard. Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby is another elected official who heard Common Cause last year. “I certainly hope it’s here to stay,” he said. “It has a potential for great good.” Would you like to help Common Cause continue the work that needs to be done? Work like monitoring enforcement of the reform bills that became law January 1? Work like lobbying to streamline the new State Constitution, to open up the State Highway Trust Fund, and for the public’s right to know what’s going on in government? Common Cause is not committed to any candidates; we’re working for honest,responsible government. Common Cause is not beholden to special interests; our members set our priorities. We’re growing. There are now more than 250,000 members in the US, working for better government. For $15 you can join our powerful group. And your voice can go to work lobbying where it’s heard. 111111111111111111111111111111111MI11111111111111111111111MIIIIIN I Common Cause of Texas / 1405 Lavaca / Austin, I Texas 78701 / 512-474-2374 __Enclosed is my check for $15 annual dues \($2 of which is allocated to the cost of the newsletter, sent to members mon Cause and join others who are working for better government. Please send me more information about Common Cause. NAME m il ADDRESS 1 CITY/STATE/ZIP I PHONE immimossommummumemism imaliummemilimmo I