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December 28, 1973 11 LA ESCUELITA DEL PUEBLO . . . Cristo Rey Montessori School. A self-help community project for schooling chicanitos in East Austin. For further information or tax deductible contributions contact: Order from your local bookstore or Jenkins Publishing Company P. 0. Box 2085 Austin, Texas 78767 Please accept my order for CONNALLY: PORTRAIT IN POWER. AT THE Houston meeting, the archbishop cited statistics on the inequities between the developed and underdeveloped countries of the world. Dom Helder maintains it is insufficient to speak of a Third World: “It [is] now necessary to separate the Fourth World composed of more than two-thirds of the Third World, a world without hope, and with no prospects of uprooting itself from misery.” The archbishop made the following concrete suggestions for the future: “To be careful to avoid pessimism, which is wonderful for the oppressors. If we are convinced that it is impossible to do anything; then always we will have injustices on earth . . . the only end result will be cynicism. “To be careful to avoid the temptation of violence which is also welcome to the oppressors. . . . “To be careful to demand a very active and valuable non-violence. . . . “To open our eyes to a beautiful reality: there are, already, everywhere, inside all the countries, races, religions and human gruops, some minorities who want really, even at the price of great sacrifices, to help build a world that is more just and more human… . “To be conscious that it is not our duty and that we shall never have to unify other very different minorities. . . . We should not have to create a new political party or a new sect. . . . “To help the numerous minorities who are preparing within the United States for 1974 as the Year of Justice.” “To all who regard these suggestions as Utopian, I leave a final word,” Dom Helder said. “Our world would fall into the cold and into death, if one day Utopia and dreams should leave humanity. The great dreams and the real Utopias of today are the first rays of the dawn of tomorrow.” Yes, it was an extraordinary gathering. Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini, who is on the board of the Rothko Chapel, and Dominique de Menil, whose foundation financed the proceedings, ran errands during the meetings like a couple of royal ushers. \(Rossellini is working on a 10-year film project on the history of science, sponsored by Madame de Menil and the Most of the sessions were open to questions or comments from the audience/participants. Speakers included David DuBois, son of W. E. B. DuBois and editor of the Black Panther News, and advocates for the farmworkers and. the Children of God, political aspirants, devotees of Eastern philosophies, Catholic priests and belivers in various other routes to make the world a more liveable environment. The overflow crowd from the small chapel watched the proceedings on closed-circuit color television in an adjacent revival-type tent carpeted with AstroTurf. AstroTurf aside, any resemblance between Dom Helder’s Houston meeting and Maharaj Ji’s recent side show at the Astrodome \(Obs., Nov. as different in style and purpose as the two buildings that housed them. K.N. Sandy Yonikus, or Sister Delia Hernandez 2109 East 2nd Street Austin, Texas 78702 JohnB Connally . Portrait in Power k The stop of Connalk’s formative years. Flow Connally built his political base in Texas. The relationship between Connally and L ndon Johnson. flow Governor John Connally dominated Texas politics during the Sixties. Commit\\ ‘s dash w ith Labor, and Lib erals. The story of the Ken I net.t assassination and Con nail\\ ‘s relationship with the Kenneth s. ‘the saga of four Texas country hogsConnally, Barnes, Smith, and Yarborough. John Connally on the national scene his switch to the Republican Party and his relationship with Richard Nixon copies at $9.50 each Texas residents add 5% sales tax. Name Street Town 7 State