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by inn Fears Craw -ord and _lic k Keever The story of Connally’s formative years. How Connally built his political base in Texas. The relationship between Connally and Lyndon Johnson. How Governor John Connally dominated Texas politics during the Sixties. Connally’s clash with Minorities, Labor, and Liberals. The story of the Kennedy assassination and Con nally’s relationship with the Kenneth’s. The saga of four Texas country boysConnally, Barnes, Smith, and Yarborough. John Connally on the national scene his switch to the Republican Party and his relationship with Richard Nixon Order from your local bookstore, or JENKINS PUBLISHING COMPANY Box 2085 Austin, Texas ,78767 Please accept my order for copies of JOHN CONNALLY: PORTRAIT IN POWER at $9.50 per copy. Texas residents add 5% sales tax. NAME STREET TOWN STATE ZIP