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TexPIRG P.O. Box 7047 Austin, Texas 78712 512/477-3118 We do influence legislation! A Public Service Message from the American Income Life Insurance CompanyExecutive offices, Waco, TexasBernard Rapoport, Pres. NEM/ 0 MEW NMI “MI ONCE! tour Still Missing Fr apni Qatesville Sex Bias Study Draws Response Witeangille le TexPIRG To Discuss r :111;g6 1211SiC t i o l crack down Change thwavv on sexpIRG Sa YSJ prescription drug cost gec4Discrimination Practi es g Panel TO Air TenantftLandi BilP acY H P n Ai Studen ts c TexPIRG r War s Judiciary Committee ord Hearing EnTeurrnies harm To ‘exPIRG pIRG Tex Iciainst Unsate Toys Consumers interest lobby and research group dedicated to issues of concern to the public as a whole, such as consumer protection, government and corporate responsibility, sex and race discrimination, protection of the environment and poverty. THE NADER-LIKE group is primarily student funded and controlled, but responds to the concerns of students and other citizens alike. There are PIRG’s in over 25 other states with full-time professional staffs working for progressive social change. TexPIRG has worked for YOU, and all Texas citizens, throughout the last year NOW we need your help. SURVIVAL funds are needed because, as might be expected, Boards of Regents around the state have delayed student attempts to collect funds at their schools. NEXT YEAR, TexPIRG will finally have a stable source of student funding, but to keep going until then we must raise $3000. PUBLICATION is pending, held up because of funding, on major reports of concern to all Texans. Issues such as the need reform of Child Care Facilities and Reform Schools and better Health Care Delivery systems are lying dormant because TexPIRG does not have the resources to pass on needed information to the people, or to continue its lobbying efforts to force government response. THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO HELP TexPIRG THROUGH ITS FINANCIAL CRISIS! YOUR $10 OR $20 OR WHATEVER YOU CAN AFFORD WILL SAVE A VIABLE FORCE FOR SOCIAL CHANGE IN TEXAS. SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO: \(If you desire to receive future reports, include your name Contributions to TexPIRG are NOT deductible: