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-ousu l =-Imminimisammormil should be put under glass and preserved, but failing that the LBB post will at least give him a chance to exercise his inimitable brand of power-wielding and that’s always a good show. Under the Briscoe regime, you have to be grateful for style wherever you can find it. The Houston Chronicle saw fit to greet Heatly’s appointment with an editorial salute to his experience, expertise and knowledge of state government. No mention of all the years he ran the appropriations committee in a reactionary, dictatorial fashion complete with pork-barrelling for his home district and an occasional, very rare crumb for poor folks, retarded kids and other undesirables. Stalemate The speaker’s race has reached an impasse of sorts. Fred Head’s folks are saying’ Head will have it won by the time the legislature meets in constitutional convention in January, but that seems unlikely. Carl Parker may not be doing very well, and that brings on visions of a Head confrontation with conservative Billy Clayton and a possible Clayton victory, since there are a lot of people who just can’t stand Head. Liberals are still hoping that Neil Caldwell will get into the race. The original scenario on that was that Parker would realize at the last minute that he wasn’t going to be able to make it and would then bow out in favor of his close friend Caldwell. But the political realities of the situation are that if Caldwell is to win, he must get into the race fairly soon and work like hell. Speakers are seldom drafted and even more seldom do they win by acclamation without campaigning. You remember the Texas Democrats. \(Right, you remember Democrats of Texas, too only they’re not calling statewide organization for liberal Democrats \(see Obs., steering committee met in Austin Aug. 18. The primary purpose of the meeting was to divvy up committee assignments and generally set up the next statewide meeting of the full organization, which will be held in mid-October in Arlington. But there was a raft of speakers as well, highlighted by Sissy Farenthold and Ralph Yarborough. Farenthold was, as usual, mildly scolding and mindful of all that remains to be done. She was sorry to see only about 75 people present \(though it was “so much better this number now than more six weeks before a campaign or five thought aloud of all the unorganized, uncontacted Democrats in the state. She called on the TD’s to stay on top of developments in the constitutional convention and to rally behind efforts to institute a national health insurance plan. Yarborough, on the other hand, had nothing but encouragement: “I believe the people of this state are ready to listen to what you have to say. You can sweep this state like a prairie fire.” He also got in a pointed reference to Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, saying, “We don’t need a Democratic Nixon in 1976, whether he be from Texas or from any other state.” Billie Carr spoke, of course, relaying the inside skinny on national Democratic struggles like the Mikulski commission on rules \(see Obs., and the Sanford commission on a charter for the party. Bob Bullock delivered a Bullockian treatise-cum-autobiography on the difference between a reform legislator and a reformed legislator, and politely omitted mention of his race for Comptroller until he was asked about it. Former Sen. and NDEC member Joe Bernal yielded much of his time to Bill Chandler, state coordinator for the UFW-boycott effort. Good work, Corpus Christi Parks and Rec. In the Aug. 24 issue of the Observer we discussed the case of Sisu Morris and her unsuccessful sex discrimination suit against the city Parks and Recreation Department. The Civil Service Board, in dismissing Morris’ suit, ordered the department to refrain from “harassment or other unfair treatment of any employee in the division.” Accordingly, Morris has not been harassed or demoted. She is still a supervisor and is left strictly alone. She now supervises one employee in an un-airconditioned warehouse. The employee shifts games around the warehouse in 110 degree heat while Morris “supervises” in peace, since they’re the only two people there. New justice Dist. Judge Mary Lou Robinson of Amarillo became the first woman ever to take a seat as a regular appellate judge in Texas on Sept. 1. Judge Robinson was appointed by Gov. Dolph Briscoe to fill a vacancy on the Seventh Court of Civil Appeals created by the resignation of Justice James Joy. Her appointment is subject to Senate confirmation if the Legislature convenes before the next general election. Gay people have never exactly had it easy in Texas. It seemed, for a while, that things might be improving gays are organizing, public opinion may be changing Code, as revised, reduced homosexuality to a Class C misdemeanor \(a maximum $200 Now, with the Dean Corll affair and the Dallas procurement ring making lurid news, traditional fears and horrors may be resurfacing. Count on the Austin American to lead the way. In an editorial decrying a recommendation by the National Commission on Criminal Justice Standards that victimless crimes \(including sexual acts decriminalized, the American delivered itself of this opinion: “From all that is known today, the tragedy in Houston where at least 27 young men were murdered and buried began with the acts of other men engaged in what the commission would call ‘victimless’ crimes.” News, news The Press Release of the Week begins: “Two key figures in the Watergate scandal, Jeb Stuart Magruder and Daniel Schorr will be speaking at Our this fall as part of the College’s lecture series.” Alas, it is not a double bill. Magruder is up on Sept. 27 and Schorr follows on Oct. 17. Tickets are $1.50 for adults and $1.00 for students. We always knew someone would find a way to make money out of this mess. Do you suppose Magruder and Schorr have the same agent? Nah, probably one agent handles all the ex-White House, Justice Dept., CREEP, etc. etc. employees while another one has the market in everybody on the enemies list. News from the “They All Look the Same to Me” Department, courtesy of the Texas News Service and KOKE-AM News: “While in San Antonio, Mrs. Farenthold demonstrated her support for the Farmworkers by joining in a picket line outside a store selling Farah pants.” September 7, 19 73 7 CLASSIFIED POT PRISONERS NEVER HAVE A NICE DAY bumperstickers. 250 each, 5 for $1, 12 for $2. NORML, PO Box 13494, Austin Tx 78711. BOOKPLATES. Free catalog. Many beautiful designs. Special designing too. Address: 3OOKPLATES, P.O. Box 28-1, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. MARJORIE A. DELAFIELD TYPING SERVICE: Theses, dissertations, manuscripts, reports, etc. I.B.M. Selectric II typewriters, multilithing, mimeographing, addressing envelopes. Public Notary. 25 years experience. Call 442-7008, Austin. WE SELL THE BEST SOUND. 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