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August 24, 19 73 The Texas Observer in the Classroom For orders of ten or more copies of each issue sent to a single address the cost for the semester is just $1.00 per person, sales tax included. A Classroom subscriptions will begin with the issue published in late September and extend into December. Six fortnightly issues in all. That’s about 14 an issue . . .3.4 4 less than the single copy price. To place your order, please indicate the number of students who will be subscribing, your needs regarding a free desk copy, and a mailing address we should use. If the number of subscribers is uncertain, feel free to make a generous estimate. After the class rolls settle, we will bill you at $1.00 each only for the number of persons who finally decide to subscribe. Extra bonus: Orders received by September 13th will be entered to begin with the issue being mailed that day,. . . making a total of seven issues for the semester rather than six. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 600 West 7 Austin Tx 78701 p i,A PRESS 901 W 24th St Austin Multi copy service. Call 477-3641 My hero Dallas Dear Dolph, Why, you .li’1 ol’ caped crusader, you. Aren’t you sly? Ahidin’ your ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, while all this time we’ve been joshin’ you about bein’ Mr. Potatohead. Which telephone booth did you change in before you came out to ZAP! POW! BAM! shut down the Chicken Ranch? As is well-known, the Chicken Ranch was a very nice whorehouse, as whorehouses go. The Observer’s information is that it had been in continuous operation for only 60 years, not 129 as has been reported, so all this tradition stuff has clearly been overworked. But it is generally agreed that the Chicken Ranch was likely the most respectable home for whited sepulchres in the history of Texas’ oldest profession. Back in 1968, Saul Friedman, now a columnist with the Knight newspaper chain, did a story on the Ranch for the Observer. Early this year, Saul stopped by for a visit with his old buddy, the madam. He reported that the Ranch hadn’t changed a tittle: still no booze allowed, the Coke bottle accounting system was still in effect and the joint was as decorous as ever. But such like considerations didn’t deter you, guy, from rooting out sin like a warthog. Right on! True, the very upright folk of greater metropolitan La Grange never showed any signs of wigging out over the activities at the Ranch, but that’s what happens when you leave these things up to local community standards. It’s also true that the law in Fayette County never bothered the Ranch because the Ranch never bothered anyone. Only you, Dolph Daring, would take on Scarlet Wimmin and the Casa Nostra in one sweli -foop. This underworld type I met in Dallas said you were a knucklehead, a schmuck and a cheapshot artist for grabbing headlines about your fight against organized crime by closing the Chicken Ranch. Don’t worry, I’ve got his license number. He said the employees of the Ranch would just go to work in Houston or Dallas for folks who would make Hattie Valdez look like Julie Andrews. The pinhead. You know and I know that those girls are going to become nuns. I understand that some little smidge of the credit in this case should go that intrepid, muck-raking reporter Marvin Zindler of Houston. Good work, Marv. You must have had to do a lot of investigating to discover the nature and whereabouts of the Chicken Ranch. And when you come from a pristine place like Houston, of course you gotta go to a sin city like La Grange to get your scoops on vice. Guy, now that I know you got your priorities straight, first things first and all, I’d like to suggest some addenda to your agenda in the fight against organized crime. You’ve obviously got the inside skinny on The Mob here in Texas and I don’t claim to be a crime reporter, but even I have managed to pick up some information about Carlos Marcello’s gang moving into Houston. And about Meyer Lansky’s group dividing the Dallas turf with the old crowd that has the Chicago connection. There’s an article in the current issue of Texas Monthly about the boys in South Texas that might interest you. And there’s our own home-grown talent in Galveston and Corpus. After you and Col. Speir get all that cleaned up, how about finding the people who murdered -Randy Farenthold? Then you two could nail the folks who shot Hoyt Spurlock of the Dallas Times Herald, apparently because he was researching heroin traffic. Then there are the fun types threatening to kill Earl Golz of the Dallas Morningg News because of the stories he’s been doing on organized crime. And after that, guy, how about shutting down the other 2,917 whorehouses in the state? Dolph, I sleep better at night knowing that you are my governor. Sincerely, M.I. MARTIN ELFANT SUN LIFE OF CANADA LIFE HEALTH DENTAL 600 JEFFERSON SUITE 430 HOUSTON, TEXAS 224-0686