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From the Republicans who Sued the Republican National Committee and Won: Comes THE RIPON FORUM The Ripon Societyseeks to bridge the gap between the world of ideas and the world of politics, between the university community and the Republican party. Commented The Charleston Gazette: “The Ripon Society is a Republican research and policy organization with headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. Old Guard Republicans don’t embrace it as warmly as the more modern breed, but it exercises a scholarly influence on all Republican strategy.” The Ripon FORUMthe semi-monthly publication of the Ripon Society which called “a sprightly and widely quoted magazine.” In fact, the Ripon FORUM is well known for its bold political commentary, its incisive analysis of public policy questions, and its advocacy of progressive policies for the Republican Party. The FORUM contains, “some of the best political analysis of recent years,” wrote James Doyle of the Washington Evening Star. And George Frazier, the “lit’ry life” columnist of The Boston Globe wrote, “I cannot abstain from entreating you to at least look at … heresy of heresies the excellent magazine put out by the Ripon Society.” The Ripon FORUMan important magazine for progressives and for Republicans alikean absolutely essential magazine for progressive Republicans. r Alm MINIM 0 =1 =r 4 11 m IMIIII 4IMM. ai III I THE RIPON FORUM 509 C Street,N.E. I VVashington,D.C. 200 02 I I $10 I $5, I am a student, member of the military, Vista, Peace Corps NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP 10 MEMMIN Iwom mol aw ami ow . 41.1 t oi * In November of 1971, to achieve more equal representation of all Republicans in the convention process, the Ripon Society sued the Republican National Committee seeking to have the formula used to allocate delegates to Republican National Conventions declared unconstitutional. In April of 1972, the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia declared the formula unconstitutional and enjoined the 1972 GOP convention from adopting the same one for 1976. The injunction was stayed three days before the convention by Justice William Rehnquist. The result was the major battle at the GOP gathering in Miami Beach this past August. Reported John Osborne in The New Republic, “The sole issue that caused a ruckus on the convention floor got there only because the party was under the pressure of a suit brought by the Ripon Society.” NOMI=10 ,11IN MImo =1 01.1111. 111111