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FREE SP] but it If we all pitch in a little, we can sustain things we find valuable: Such as a statewide, independent news show for ventilation of public issues. “CAPITAL EYE” is such a forum place, now seen in every major TV market: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin-San Antonio. Cable stretches the reach of “Capital Eye” from Amarillo to Brownsville. Nacogdoches to Midland-Odessa over 100 cable cities. “Capital Eye” is heard across the state on radio. “CAPITAL EYE” is the only statewide press panel show to survive in Texas. It will celebrate its FOURTH anniversary on Sept. 6 and has aired 191 programs to date. “CAPITAL EYE” is an independent program. Its support is citizen-based. It is operated by a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation, Public Information Corporation, which is classified by IRS as a public foundation, and administered by a board of trustees made up of well-known Texans. “Capital Eye” depends on tax-deductible contributions from the public to stay on the air. It is non-partisan. It has no affiliation with any station, corporation, special interest group, or institution. It has no angel or commercial sponsors. “CAPITAL EYE” is taped at regular studio rates at a commercial station. It is supplied to Public TV stations without charge, and to most radio stations as a public service. “CAPITAL EYE” panelists from the Capitol Press Corps are free to explore the facts wherever they lead; its guests from all walks of life are free to speak their piece. Private citizens, public officials, political candidates all are interrogated by the press on “Capital Eye”, whose guests have included Preston Smith, Madalyn O’Hair, Ben Barnes, Dolph Briscoe, Roy Evans, Lloyd Bentsen, John Tower, Bob Eckhardt, Buck Wood, John Hill, Barbara Jordan, Ralph Yarborough, Hank Grover, Dave Shapiro, Frank Erwin, Net Fritz and Sissy Farenthold. Look at it this way when you turn on “Capital Eye”, do you feel it’s worth a quarter to you to tune in on what’s going on in Austin? I’M TURNED ON TO YOUR PROGRAM OF SUPPORTING “CAPITAL CAPITAL EYE / Public Information Corporation EYE” TAX-DEDUCTIBLY TO THE TUNE OF AT LEAST 25 CENTS A WEEK, $1.00 A MONTH, OR $12 A YEAR. I UNDERSTAND THAT 1005 International Life Bldg. AS A SUPPORTER I WILL RECEIVE NEWS ABOUT “CAPITAL EYE” Austin, Texas 78701 PROGRAMS, INCLUDING WHAT STATIONS IN MY AREA ARE CARRYING THE SHOW, AND WHEN. ALSO, THAT UPON REQUEST I WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO GET AUDIO CASSETTE COPIES OF INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS AT COST. I OCCASIONALLY LIKE TO PUT IN MY TWO BITS WORTH IN PROJECTS I AM SUPPORTING, NAME SO YOU MAY HEAR FROM ME SOMETIME ABOUT SOMEBODY I THINK YOU OUGHT TO INTERVIEW, OR ABOUT QUESTIONS I ADDRESS THINK OUGHT TO BE ASKED. ENCLOSED IS MY CONTRIBUTION, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE, MADE OUT TO “PUBLIC INFORMATION CORPORATION”, IN THE AMOUNT OF CITY STATE ZIP