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SHELL’?FWi ni’ Shell Oil Company says “No” when most American oil companies say “Yes.” Shell says “no” to health and safety pro tection for its employees, “No” to pension improvements and reviews, “No” to condi tions granted by the oil industry as a whole. Now 4,000 striking Shell employees say “No.” 4it They say, “No, we will not accept second-class treatment.” You, too, can say Shell? No! You can say, “No, I will not buy gasoline or other oil products from Shell.” “No, I do not want my Shell credit card and I’m mailing it in to P. 0. Box 80, Tulsa, Okla.” “No, I will not support a Dutch/British company which will not treat American workers as well as American oil companies treat them.” SHEL1111111′ Please do not buy Shell oil and chemical products! OIL, CHEMICAL AND ATOMIC WORKERS International Union, AFL-CIO 1636 Champa St., Denver, Colorado 80202