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1973 will go down in history as the year the outdated, outmoded Texas State Constitution was re-written. Now is the time for Texans to get into the basic law of the state, the good things the people want and need. Involved Texans believe that in order to carry out the real purpose of government, the people must be provided with two ultimate political weapons: 1.An Initiative and Referendum Law; to make it possible for the people, acting directly, to pass laws, and also, acting directly, to defeat obnoxious laws enacted by the state legislature. 2.A Recall Law; to give the people of Texas more control over their elected officials; to enable the people to remove, by petition, any elected official, for cause. It has been determined that one of the many causes for people not voting is their distrust of the government. With these laws on the books, the people would again be in the “ball game,” and knowing they possess this final weapon, voters would start returning to the polls. These proposals are not new to American politics. Most state constitutions have initiative and referendum, and many have the recall provision. Some states have had these laws since their inception, some dating to the beginning of the century. Involved Texans believe the only manner in which these proposals will be seriously considered is by intense pressure from the people themselves. To this end, Involved Texans are engaged in a state-wide petition drive, a sort of political poll, demanding the Initiative and Referendum and the Recall be included in the new Constitution. Involved Texans believe if one or two million signatures were submitted to the Constitutional Revision Committee, there would be no doubt about their inclusion. This political poll is a tremendous undertaking. We call on all individuals and organizations, labor, civic and fraternal who are interested in the future of Texas to co-operate in this drive. In this manner we may guarantee the political future of Texas will be controlled by the people, and not by “special interests”. Now Is the Time To Act! After the new Constitution is adopted, it will be too late. For petitions mail blank below. A Golden Opportunity for Texans To Bring About a More democratic Texas JOIN s Involved Texans 7113 Bandera Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78228 I Believe in the future of Texas, I want to help. Count me in. Name Address City County Zip Phone No. of petitions wanted If you wish to help defray expenses, any contribution will be gratefully accepted. P.S. In addition to the above, call or write your state senator and state representative and give them the message. Ask your friends to do the same.