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Happy birthday, Ms. Ima Editorial and Business Offices: The Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas 78701. Telephone 477-0746. 704131los The corning fortnight. By Suzanne Shelton DECEMBER GRAB BAG ART QUARTET Four exhibitions on display: “Graphic Art of German Expressionism,” including etchings, woodcuts and lithographs by such expressionists as Kandinsky, Grosz, and Klee; “Diaghilev Stage Designs,” with 110 watercolors of costume design and theatrical scene designs from the Serge Diaghilev era of turn-of-the-century ballet and theatre; “Souls,” by Harold Persico, sculptor who creates transparent, sealed works of silicone; and “Ten Toys By Artists,” with playthings designed by international artists, including Milton Glaser and his “L-Blocks;” through Jan. 7, Art Center Museum, Fort Worth. DECEMBER 15 BIRTHDAY GIRL It’s happy birthday, Miss Ima, as Houston Symphony Orchestra with pianist Arthur Rubenstein perform an Ima Hogg Birthday Concert; Jones Hall, Houston. ORGANIST Virgil Fox and his one-ton, custom-built, eee-lectric organ, in concert; 8 p.m., Laurie Auditorium, Trinity University, San Antonio. MARIA, MARIA Last chance to see final performances of “West Side .Story,” with Metropolitan Opera Studio tenor Henry Price in role of Tony; through Dec. 16, Ruth Taylor Theatre, Trinity University, San Antonio. MUSICAL It doesn’t have Julie Andrews, but it’s the same old “Sound of Music,” schmaltzing it up in high style on Dallas Repertory Theatre stage; through Jan. 7, NorthPark Hall, NorthPark Shopping Center, Loop 12, Dallas. DECEMBER 16 RODEO Nothing like a Christmastime rodeo, this one the Kowbell Rodeo, indoor event held each Saturday night, year round; 8 p.m., Kowbell Rodeo, Mansfield. PARADE The whole town of Franklin will turn out for its Christmas parade and flea market, strange bedfellows perhaps but heaps of fun; downtown Franklin. DECEMBER 17 SYMPHONY Lawrence Foster condui ,!. Houston Symphony Orchestra with Itzh; Perlman, violinist, in Paganini’s “Violin Cone& No. 1,” plus works. by Haydn, Kraft, a; Debussy; through Dec. 19, Jones Hall, Houst\( MORE SYMPHONY Pianist Arth, Rubenstein travels to Dallas to perform in spec recital of works by Schubert, Beethovo Debussy, and Chopin; 8:15 p.m., Music Hall, F Park, Dallas. DECEMBER 25 CHRISTMAS Peace. DECEMBER 29 BALLET Tchikovsky’s “The Nutcracker:, Christmas favorite, performed by Houston Bali 8:30 p.m., Jones Hall, Houston. EDITOR Kaye Northcott CO-EDITOR Molly Ivins ASSOCIATE EDITOR John Ferguson EDITOR AT LARGE Ronnie Dugger REVIEW EDITOR Steve Barthelme Contributing Editors: Winston Bode, Bill Brammer, Gary Cartwright, Sue Horn Estes, Joe Frantz, Larry Goodwyn, Harris Green, Bill Hamilton, Bill Helmer, Dave Hickey, Franklin Jones, Lyman Jones, Larry L. King, Georgia Earnest Klipple, Larry Lee, Al Melinger, Robert L. Montgomery, Willie Morris, Bill Porterfield, James Presley, Charles Ramsdell, Buck Ramsey, John Rogers, Mary Beth Rogers, Roger Shattuck, Edwin Shrake, Dan Strawn, John P. Sullivan, Tom Sutherland, We will serve no group or party but will hew hard to the truth as we find it and the right as .we see it. We are dedicated to the whole truth, to human values above all interests, to the rights of man as the foundation of democracy; we will take orders from none but our own conscience, and never will we overlook or misrepresent the truth to serve the interests of the powerful or cater to the ignoble in the human spirit. The editor has exclusive control . over ‘-the editorial policies and contents of the Observer. None of the other people who are associated with the enterprise shares this responsibility with her. Writers are responsible for their own work, but not for anything they have not themselves written, and in publishing them the editor does not necessarily imply that she agrees with them, because this is a journal of free voices. THE TEXAS OBSERVER The Texas Observer Publishing Co. 1972 Ronnie Dugger, Publisher A window to the South A journal of free voices Vol. LXIV, No. 24 Dec. 15, 1972 Incorporating the State Observer and the East Texas Democrat, which in turn incorporated the Austin ForumAdvocate. BUSINESS STAFF Sarah Boardman Joe Espinosa Jr. C. R. Olofson David Sharpe The Observer is published by Texas Observer Publishing Co., biweekly from Austin, Texas. Entered as second-class matter April 26, 1937, at the Post Office at Austin, Texas, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Second class postage paid at Austin, Texas. Single copy, 25c. One year, $7.00; two years, $13.00; three years. $18.00; plus, for Texas, addresses, 5% sales tax. Foreign, except APO/FPO, 50c additional per year. Airmail, bulk orders, and group rates on request. Microfilmed by Microfilming Corporation of America, 21 Norristown Road, Glen Rock, N.J. 07452. Change of Address: Please give old and new address, including zip codes, and allow two weeks. Postmaster: Send form 3579 to Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas 78701.