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Profound optimists or else I have subscribed to The Observer since its first issue and I intend to go on subscribing: But I want now to question the hardening, as I see it, of your position on the extreme left and a justification for this in terms of what appears to be a superior moral insight and concern. Especially Vietnam and McGovern. I agree that it would be fine if our little planet could count on no more wars and if the political leaders everywhere were indeed, as you say, guided by “moral imagination and moral intelligence.” But we haven’t yet arrived at those desirable goals, I think. Meanwhile, I challenge what seems to me to be your basic premise: namely that say, in twenty-five years, as Patrick Moynihan guages it the men in the Kremlin and in power in Peking will be good, gentle, peace-loving souls committed to live-and-let-live international policies. In view of China’s current doctrinaire educational program for future leadership \(see Phillips’ recent series in the Wall Street Journal on his twenty-four-day tour of belief that the world has already been made “safe for Democracy?” 16 The Texas Observer Again, it seems to me, that either you are profound optimists with great faith in a beneficient, Divine Providence or else you are saying, “Let the next generation worry about all that!” I would really like to know. Mabel Giddings Wilkin, M.D., Old River Ranch, Inc., Clay, Tex. 77839. Texas deserves it It is Nov. 7, 8:30 p.m., and I watch as TV newsmen smugly predict sweeping victories for conservative candidates in Texas and in the U.S. I am tired, I am so damn tired of the anti-change, anti-intellectual, anti-life attitude of the American people. Texas, after being presented with two ‘ good candidates for governor, Farenthold and Muniz, you deserve Briscoe for spurning them. United States, you deserve such as Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower for spurning such fine, intellectual men as McGovern and Stevenson. Shame! The American political mind, so taken with demagoguery, has all the substance of a light bulb. George Rislow, 5442 Monticello, Dallas, Texas. Easy out Texas liberals stick with the state Democratic Party and continue to lose. The last liberal gubernatorial nominee they succeeded in choosing was Allred forty years ago. There is an easy way to get the name-only Democrats out of the Democratic Party. If Texas liberals will vote with the Republicans to elect every Republican running for state office the pseudo-Democrats who want to be elected will become Republicans. After electing a Republican as governor for at least two terms it will be impractical for a name-only Democrat to stay out of the Republican Party. And, having established the conservative opposition in the party they belong to, the liberals can control the state Democratic Party and will have nearly a 50-50 chance of electing truly Democratic representatives on the state and national level. Or liberals can continue as they have since the Civil War, with 40-year exceptions. Rus Purifoy, 600 N. Dotsy #14, Odessa, Tex. 79763. Self-deception In the presidential election, our need for self-deception won over our need for self-preservation. For Nixon’s “moratorium on busing”, read “expunge Brown versus Board of Education.” For “peace with honor”, read “keep propping Thieu’s dictatorship.” That way you tell the truth. But Americans have to disguise their racism and look away from their ghastly military mistakes. Forget prices, unemployment, taxes, crime. Let them all rise. Forget the campaign contributions that bought bank charters and price ceiling exceptions and easing of investigative pressures. Let corruption proliferate. We can take four more years of Nixon better than we can take facing ourselves. McGovern’s unpardonable sin was that he addmitted making mistakes. Admitting mistakes is un-American. Margaret Carter, 2816 Sixth Ave., Fort Worth, Tex. 76110. About Half Although my subscription has not yet expired, send no more issues of your illustrious fishwrap to my door. With the remainder of the subscription price, , buy yourselves a nice crying towel, now that your champion of the left has lost his butt in the worst debacle of American political history. You claim to be a “Journal of Free Voices” while you propound the plight of several dozen minorities and their righteous radical proposals, but you seem to have forgotten that majority rule is still what democracy is all about. If you don’t believe that, reread the election results. It is as plain as black and white, no pun intended. As for the Democratic Party, the election results will also demonstrate that no harm was done, even though the standard bearer this round was a jerk. Rest assured that the elements of sanity that were excluded from the Demo. Convention this year will recapture the floor from your dearly beloved weird-folk next time around. And though you won’t admit that fact out loud, you know it as well as I do. The radical left has had its fling. It’s all over but the crying. I just hope this letter makes you half as sick as your paper has made me the last few months. Your age of Aquarius was over before it dawned. John F. Parrish III, Graduate Assistant in Biology, Midwestern University, 3400 Taft, Wichita Falls, Tex. 76308. Key items The solid, not the ten minute stuff is working against us. You can read the other if you want to: I’ve got it with me eyes open and it looks fine, just fine for our revolution. Just late, just over-bungling on arrival. WILLIAM D. ELLIOTT Bemidji, Minn.