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The coming fortnight … By Suzanne Shelton SEPTEMBER GRAB BAG PHOTOGRAPHY Black and white photos by the late Jeanne Armstrong, including entry which won honorable mention in 1969 Nikkon International Photography Contest; through Oct. 1, Art Museum, University of Texas, Austin. FIVE MODERNS Exhibition of works by five contemporary Americans: Richard Jackson, large-scale painter; John Baldessari, who burned bulk of his works and buried ashes in museum, represented by photographs of the process; Gary Stephan, who constructs in wood and glass; Barbara Munger, whose materials are yarn and thread; and Frances Barth, large-scale painter; through Nov. 16, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston. MEXICAN ART Contemporary works from Mexico; also exhibit of rural American photography by Dorothy Lange and Jim Alvis; through Oct. 22, Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin. GEMINI GRAPHICSEighty-four works from Los Angeles workshop of Gemini Graphics, including works by Albers, Rauschenberg, Stella, Johns, Oldenburg, and Chamberlain; through Oct. 22, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. AUTHORS Noted English and American authors represented in portraiture exhibit, with series of portraits of Somerset Maugham, bronze of George Bernard Shaw, bust of Dylan Thomas, and oil painting of Marianne Moore, among others; Leeds Gallery, Academic Center, University of Texas, Austin. PICTURE SHOW Among myriad film series around, an interesting “Makes and Remakes” double-bill program including oldies and their contemporary counterparts, such flicks as the 1948 and 1951 versions of “The Idiot,” Sept. 27-28; “The Virginian” and its remake “Inherit the Wind,” Oct. 25-26; and the 1929 “Dynamite” with its 1971 counterpart “Sacco and Vanzetti,” Nov. 15-16; Batts Hall Auditorium, University of Texas, Austin. SEPTEMBER 22 FOLK CONCERT Dick and Georgia McCormack work up a little folk music; 8 p.m., Northen Theatre, St. Edward’s University, Austin. ANTIQUES Good time to grab a washbowl or rocking chair, Heritage Society Antique Show; through Sept. 24, Municipal Auditorium, Austin. SEPTEMBER 23 ARTS & CRAFTS If you’re busted from the antiques show, try the Sertoma Poor Boy Arts & Crafts Show, nothing priced over $20; through Sept. 24, noon to 7 p.m., banks of Town Lake near Municipal Auditorium, Austin. SEPTEMBER 24 SYMPHONY Lawrence Foster conducts Houston Symphony Orchestra with pianist 2 The Texas Observer From the Armstrong collection Jerome Lowenthal, performing Moussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain,” Ginastera Piano Concerto, and Tchaikowsky’s Symphony No. 4; Jones Hall, Houston. PACIFICA BENEFIT Pete Seeger, the dependable folksinger, performs in benefit for Pacifica Radio; Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston. SEPTEMBER 25 CIRCUS! If you’ve been craving cotton candy and always wanted to be a clown, see the Shrine Circus, complete with all the trimmings; through Oct. 1, State Fair, Coliseum, Dallas. MUSIC TRIBUTE As part of SMU Music of Our Century Series, orchestra, ballet, and narrator present works by Stravinsky, Hindemith, and Walton; through Sept. 26, Bob Hope Theatre, Dallas. SEPTEMBER 29 BALLET The Paul Taylor Dance Company does all kinds of comical ballets with some startingly beautiful abstract works; through Sept. 30, Jones Hall, Houston. WOODY HERMAN The jazz great in a personal appearance with Dallas Symphony; 8:30 p.m., Apparel Mart, Dallas. CHILYMPIAD All those silly people are going to get out in the heat again and stir up the chili in State Chili Cook-Off, complete with street dance, parade, old fiddlers’ contest, square dancing, and auction of Grand Champion Pot of Chili; through Sept. 30, Aquarena Springs. San Marcos. SEPTEMBER 30 GEORGE CARLIN The comedian with the mouth of mud, in concert; 8:30 p.m., Music Hall, Houston. OCTOBER 1 GUITARIST Carlos Montoya, the familiar flamenco guitarist, visits Texas again; 8 p.m., hall to be announced, Houston. OCTOBER 2 ORGANIST Robert Anderson performs in SMU Music of Our Century Series; Caruth Auditorium, Dallas. OCTOBER 4 WORKSHOP PLAY Some of the best drama you’ll find is the Master of Fine Arts Workshop series in which degree candidates present graduating works; series opens with Tennessee Williams’ “Orpheus Descending,” the Greek Orpheus legend set in small Mississippi town, directed by graduate student John S. Pendleton III; through Oct. 7, Drama Building, University of Texas, Austin. MUSEUM OPENING Formal opening of Philip Johnson-designed Art Museum of South Texas, with initial exhibition of “Works in Series: Jasper Johns, Frank Stella, and Andy Warhol;” 1902 North Shoreline Dr., Corpus Christi. OCTOBER 5 COMEDIES “The Golden Fleece” and “Not Enough Rope,” comedies staged by drama students; through Oct. 7, Oct. 12-14; 8:15 p.m., Theatre West, Our Lady of the Lake College, San Antonio. MUSICALE Dallas Symphony Orchestra with renowned soprano Phyllis Curtin; McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas. The WarSonnet Killing, Killing grows, Killing grows on you if you’re the least willing. My father took me deer killing in the Hill Country. Nearly froze Until I saw the buck. Killing warms the veins. Unknown glands for killing, hot cheek laid on cold steel for aim, “Take ‘im!” all tremble, took me three shots for killing, The lust killing all old feeling the junior pacifist should be feeling. The killing juice in every duct said, “Where “Where’s another deer For killing?” Two deer, a Texas, a Canada of deer! rose In my lustful guts’ crosshair killing telescopic sights there, Said Yes! the life-shove, death-thrust of this killing grows, Said Yes! Life! Yes! to killing any grey, moving creature in the woods here. That killing feeling might have lasted, only when I walked up through the frosted grass, a fat, green worm crawled out its nose. RICHARD SALE Denton