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‘ From TIMES New York, N. Y. M-980,000 S-1,550,000 OCT 10 1971 Please send me more information about ADA and how I can join. Enclosed is $5 for a subscription to ADA World and back issues including ADA’s 25th Anniversary special edition, ADA’s 1972 Legislative Program and ADA’s 1971 Congressional Voting Record. NAME ADDRESS CITY, STATE, ZIP AMERICANS FOR DEMOCRATIC ACTION 1424 16th Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036 tae FEB 13 1972 ADA Charges Democratic Viola eirPletwitOPE The ADA report was highly delegates filed under Mao kw Sall 1 111Mr tritiad develcoment. ” 1 name were not authorthe a p n r!Sit t e ntial cant! ….Fn: ” The Americans for Demo. OBSERVER Muskie and that the deter seeking delegates In CHRONICLE ir had no control over Illinois, aside from few ‘ Hood oo, filing. There are more delegates flied for Eugene . 00 S-327,000 1. e delegates filed in is McCarthy. The Chicago Dune E-280 is than there are daleeratic organiaatfon beaded by oats. Mayor RiahW Daley has ‘ &Rah , a top m a w. fikd “uncommitted” slates in hints th a t som e Of th e city districts. The ADA claims E _ _ orizod “.twirl.” the Daley slates aim vialoa.1 -1 craw Andes yesterday, that eindkhdas foe I From -r -8 ;871 VIRGINIAN-PILOT Norfolk, Va. M-126,000 5-1 70,000 CHARL_OTTI, N, C. 0-175,318 S-20 5, 228 MAR 24 BY .100 NOR? POLMCS 17; I House Districts, ADA’s Honor Rant= On Capitol Hill 7d:-: ADA Urges Court By ROBERT WHEREATT organization’s’ brief., allow= Staff Writer ing it to become party to the The Minnesota chapter or case, at a news conference WASHINGTON . Americans for Democratic maned Richard G. Kleindienst Thursday of tying about his role in the Justice Depart met’: settlement of an, anti. trust suit against Internatkeet , Telephone and telegraph Corp. I E.. and urged that the Senate re 1 be at Wall Fruit lalarnotimal It Nixon SL bog Corrupt strietiona ou Warn. adered to be liberal policy. . Grades wens given on ST meas ca given plus ratings fax favorable votes, . Ings for unfavorable votes and bons were made for absentees and fa ucia.onenbk nanounnadmnsitinst tko at…mbar House district’ ate Against:vote MP S y, o. Bur iy/ -ADA assails candidates for slighting women, youth, wino From FEB 1 4_ I MORNING SUN Wit Baltimore, Md. o bi D-I80,000 S-350,000 From POST-DISPATCH St. Lollia.M E-367,000 5-580,000 avorite WASHINGT5If ‘ ism nam d “&d ‘obtr e. 4 melons bre the Leith It “Om “all ADA Is Oppose To. Rehnquist ‘ En. to.1.1 146fttell, win. Sorrier* -w Aantawret. p Dot. 30-,Americana for Democratic Action From anisowo r rEripv. cause he has “neither the . POST Me devotion to the but oh Washington, D.C. M-490.000 S-640,000 owe II presumably would e to disqualify himself from csse. iseasicks Pow . #11 7 1972 mocrils. rated sera Rep. Pont. Three ewe rate, seined 1106 lientedi .dlomities” fac the Septet* mines Its statoreo The liberal =Pi On legal Jobe the deli’ in &tense of AT, ast ‘C “We have been thane the failure of .the bar and the Indere ethication ntsPeall et I tho .undertitth ‘ thtFceurt,’!. the tbeAthe. leaders “wit** lit’SvcaPrithe luchit a southerner to the” ipeeme Renck an Ow* ;nee Seven repress t NEWS-SENT1NEL Pteet scores-Bea Knoxville, Tenn. Johnathan Biegbans, 13-105,000 S-155,000 Icontibal and PM-. ‘ Aree Texans e With ADA on. Key V ultimember . McGovern Gets ADA Bae By Michael Keenan wotaat.teeo Mal ‘mut Americans for Democratic _Action realer*/ enrioread ow George Itleoposasi W dtere a Vt 4Texas :struck out wit h the ‘Americana fo_r NiettrileiNEaressional *words. POST From Washington, D.C. \\April 24, 1972_ , —..__ . . BM*. Rowan VeCt on issues 7,z7nveagzh!i oes iL ongress President Nixon lets Rate 1 w in l . ‘ ‘Lo . A 1.1Re _po rt pollUcally . Bur !’5 of the . woe i ._-……. Adial S. Stevenson -110 RroskaM.I…lohn.a..ina:,….1114altwitrillilegme ……. ,….anek,rms aw …AK.. from FEBI.T1972 Thursday. sanon.ne_daaa…. – A rates Adla idates who run E-328,000 S-396,000 Muttons for Democratic lsnthets thee woe’ and eer ‘House. Ala\( \( the Arden yesterday re mand < /la lied fri riD.4 Baard /v 14A ./ THP CHARLOTTE OBSERVER Fn., Mar. 24. 1972 Critical , ADA Wants Senate Of O'Brien 0' wAsioarcevenv -L' To Reject Kleipdienst Neticeel Bond el the Amen 41e rem lee Demscestiz Armee 17. 9SIn \(7.1ral btrrt.:Ts ; 135,292 NOV. 23, 171 By GAYLE MONTGOMERY Amisicansfthrun the Ascot'. . ....._ wimp for Demotoday to MinneaPolis. guide to 1.7 Its Mth14 From , ;912 igia a nn