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WHERE’S THE KEY? The Texas Observer has illuminated the fables and foibles of Texas politics, government, and social concerns The key to this treasure is THE TEXAS OBSERVER INDEX 1954-1970. The INDEX is designed to satisfy a need for information requested daily: which Texans did what to whom and when did it all happen? For those who regard The Texas Observer with suspicion of bias, we recommend you think of the INDEX as a means of access to the Dallas Morning News. Once you determine the date of any event, go look up the story in your favorite Texas periodical. 0 The index is an author and subject record of the articles from its beginning in 1954. 10 The index was complied by Susan Reid, A.B., M.S. and Frances Cushing, A.B., M.L.S., professional librarians. The index uses subject headings as established by the Library of Congress. THE TEXAS OBSERVER is available on microfilm from the Microfilming Corporation of America. Bound volumes and individual issues or photocopies of articles may be obtained from The Texas Observer. The Texas Observer 600 West 7th Street Austin, Texas 78701 COST: $10.00 Please send me copies of THE TEXAS OBSERVER INDEX and bill me. Enclosed is $ for copies of THE TEXAS OBSERVER INDEX. Please send me information on THE TEXAS OBSERVER Microfilm and annual volumes. Name Address City State Zip