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We asked Knott, who, as you might surmise, is a yellow-dog Democrat, if he didn’t think, in all fairness, that Dolph was a pretty good candidate. “Well, I admit he’s gonna be hard to beat,” Knott said. “You can’t argue with a man that comes out four-square for eradication of the fire-ant.” “But,” we pressed on, “don’t you think Dolph Briscoe is a man of some principle?” “How would I know?” Knott fairly bellowed. “You can’t ask him the time of day when he’s campaigning and get a straight answer. He’ll say, “Well, as you all know, I’ve been for Central Standard Time right along, except on those occasions when as determined by a broad consensus Daylight Saving would seem to offer an interim solution and maximum utilization of the avilable hours, overall. It would serve no useful purpose for me to give you an arbitrary, unilateral answer at this time. If you would have your people check with my people I am sure we can arrive at an agreeable approximation that would tend to minimize divisiveness and rancor.” “Yes, we’ve heard Dolph was for tick control,” we said, trying to perk Knott up a little. He did brighten some then and said, “I was in San Tone the other day for feed and I heard this restaurant man Harry Akin is bringing out a new hamburger in honor of Dolph. It’s ground meat, mixed with Pablum, for people that don’t like to chew anything. It’s called the Briscoe Frisco.” “Say what you want to,” we told Knott, 18 The Texas Observer Personal Service Quality Insurance ALICE ANDERSON. AGENCY INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE 808A E. 46th, Austin, Texas 465-6577 FRANCES FARENTHOLD needs your help Send your contributions to: Farenthold for Governor P.O. Box 66, Austin 78767 \(paid adv. 0000000000 “but Dolph Briscoe has ‘been in the Legislature, he has been in the ranching business, he has been in the banking business. Don’t you think he could be a good administrator for our state, which has been compared to a giant corporation?” That did it. Knott jumped out of his chair and nearly got strangled on his Brown Mule. “Lissen!” he said, pointing his finger at me. “The way Old High Level is talkin’ these days, I’m not sure he could order a ham sandwich and make himself clear. AdMINistrator! Godamighty! If he goes back to the ranch and talks to his hired hands like he’s been talkin’ to the people of Texas, he’ll be on relief in six months. Will he go out in the morning and say, `Boys, I want you to get those cows out of the West pasture today and bring ’em back here. Alll of ’em! Don’t you lose a head or you’ll get a one-way ticket back to the home place on the Chaparral Express. Comprende?’ Nosir! He’s forgotten how to do that,” Knott said. “He’ll circle around and take off his glasses and squint at those brush-poppers and tell ’em how the first settlers came to that country, and what a privilege it is for all of them, brown and white and in-between, to be working together under the great Texas sun for the betterment of all the people of this state, particularly around that great bi-lingual cultural base and historic center of cooperation between the races, San Antonio, with its many banks and churches, and it will get to be noon and the hands will still be scratchin’ their heads and wondering what Old Mealy Mouth wants ’em to do. And those cows never will get in!” “Well, Knott,” we said. “We know how you feel, sort of paranoic out there on the Divide, a Ralph Yarborough, yellow dog, black sheep Democrat among all those Republican goat kings and conservative Democrats. But don’t you think you’re being a little hard on Dolph? He really is a man of the soil, same as you.” “I never do trust a Man of the Soil,” said Knott, “when he wears alligator boots.” Papalo te If FIRST CIMIANY REPERTORY HemisFair Plaza San Antonio Gate 15 on S. Alamo at Durango Apr. 28,-May 27 8:15 p.m. : THE THREEPENNY OPERA Brecht & Weill’s classic musical drama: .Mack-the-Knife, the beggars &bandits of London Fridays & Saturdays only! New low prices! $2.90 reg/$1.90 stu-mil El-E5 Box Office: 1-512-824-7438 1:30-5:30 p.m., 8:30 fri & sat