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IP” 1 GALLERY 600 Contemporary Paintings, Sculpture, Prints THE FINEST TRADITIONAL FRAMING Custom Plexiglass and Custom Welded Frames 600 West 28th at Nueces . . . phone 477-3229 ‘614″11″”M”lai ngneaMMOMMON .S1WMA 12 The Texas Observer How Much Is It Worth To YOU To Get Rid Of Don Cavness? The man who opposed the 18-year-old vote, and college residence voting; \(Students, don’t you want to tell him where he can put The man who boasts authorship of our pollution licensing bills; \(Ecologists, get your head out of your grass. Keep Texas green. The man who opposed equal rights for women; \(Sisters, how long are you The man who opposes decriminalization of our outrageous marijuana laws; \(Parents, aren’t you tired of hypocrisy, alienation, and The man who voted 19 times against House reform and investigation of Mutscher; \(Citizens aren’t you tired of the Mutscher crew; how much does it YOU and DARRELL BLAKEWAY CAN Beat Don Cavness. The Blakeway Campaign needs money now. \(Your vote will help too, but you were going to vote for him BLAKEWAY CAMPAIGN FUND 307 WEST 19TH AUSTIN, TEXAS 78701 \(paid for by Darrell Blakeway Campaign before she and Dolph were married.” ‘ell, she and Dolph were married in 1942 and the official listing of the degrees awarded, UT, end of the fall semester, Dec. 22, 1971, says right there at the top of the third column under Bachelor of Science in Education, Betty Jane Slaughter Briscoe. Further, the Star informs us, “When Dolph was stationed in the China-Burma-India theatre, Janey continued her graduate work at the University, majoring in history. Only recently, she enrolled for some courses in Spanish and art and for a few remaining hours of history needed to complete her Master of Arts degree, which she will receive this June. She is writing her thesis on Richard Coke, Governor of Texas in the 1870’s.” Ms. Briscoe, according to the Star is attending classes at Southwest Junior College. She is also enrolled, this semester at UT Austin in courses 698A and 698B. As those who have suffered through master’s degrees at UT know, 698A is research for a thesis, 698B is the writing of a thesis, and the twain never, but never, get credit at the same time. `Cept in Ms. Briscoe’s case. She is, to the Observer’s knowledge, the only student in recorded history to get a master’s degree for a single semester’s work. The Power-of-the-Press Department The following major Texas newspapers endorsed Ben Barnes, who got 17.83 percent of the primary vote for governor: The Dallas Morning News “He has made full financial disclosure . . . he dreams and builds for a better Texas.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram “Mr. Barnes epitomizes the emerging Texas.” Houston Chronicle “He is a man who can bring dignity and effectiveness to the governor’s office and credit to the State of Texas.” The Dallas Times Herald “He has the knowledge, the experience and the ability to lead Texas out of the dismal morass of scandals and petty bickering in which it now finds itself.” San Antonio Light “He is best equipped to be governor. In the litany of big city endorsements, only The Houston Post, the San Antonio Express-News and the Corpus Christi Caller-Times are missing. The Post endorsed only one person this year, Post editor Bill Hobby for lieutenant governor. The Caller-Times of the Harte-Hanks chain endorsed home town girl Frances Farenthold. The Express-News, a more conservative link in the Harte-Hanks group, endorsed no one in the governor’s race. Once a hawk John Connally was a hawk as a Democrat, he’ll be a hawk when he becomes a Republican and that day may not be far away. Connally was furious at Democrats who criticized Nixon’s decision to blow up most of North Vietnam. “The action of the Senate Democrats raises serious doubts in my mind that I could in good conscience support them regardless of my party affiliation,” Connally said recently. “I have no plans to do so, but the possibility certainly exists that I could do so.” In a recent UPI Washington reporter column, Helen Thomas quoted three lengthy paragraphs of Connally’s praise for Nixon \(“scholar . . . as disciplined a man as I have ever known, mentally and physically . . . slender and boyish looking . . . tenacity out, “In all the years that Lyndon B. Johnson occupied the White House, his protege, Connally, was never heard to utter such encomiums about his Texas friend and mentor.” The UFWOC lettuce boycott is on again. Cesar Chavez and striking farm workers of California are urging shoppers to purchase lettuce only if it has the Farm Worker Eagle on the box. Texas boycott headquarters is 1828 Arbor, Houston, 77004.