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Park costing taxpayers In the Feb. 18, 1972, issue of The Texas Observer, an article titled “One Percent for the People” bears further discussion. The author of the article allowed that “so far, it [the Bergstrom AFB recreation area] actually hasn’t cost the taxpayers anything,” according to a Bergstrom sergeant. In reality, the Bergstrom AFB Recreation Area on Lake Travis has cost the taxpayers plenty. I was stationed at Bergstrom during the period the recreation project was initiated and was directly involved in the renovation of the trailers referenced in the article. Men were taken off their regular jobs to repair the trailers, some of which were not worth repairing. Supplies such as paint, lumber, etc., were drawn from regular supply channels, which the taxpayers directly support. Additionally, each squadron was required to furnish its quota of men each week, during regular working hours, to travel to the lake and work on improving the grounds. The statement that “the labor has been provided by airmen during their off-duty hours” makes good press for the Air Force, but is just not true. The Bergstrom recreation facility is a needed and worthwhile project, but the fact is, the taxpayers are directly supporting it and should be aware of it. James G. Vier, 6510-A Pharoah Dr., Corpus Christi, Tex. 78412. 24 The Texas Observer Dialogue Not for sale For years I have struggled against mail solicitations for causes worthy and not. I receive as many of these as six a day and often I amuse myself with trying to figure out where each solicitor obtained my name. \(It isn’t very difficult. One journal, a major organ of the Eastern Establishment, accidentally inserted “Tunis, Tunisia” in my address just above the city and state. The number of organizations to whom this particular journal sells its subscription lists But it never occured to me to figure out where solicitations did not come from. Now I learn from R. D. \(“Observations,” The Texas Observer sells its subscription lists to no one. Fantastic! Incredible! And admirable! The Observer deserves a warm note of thanks for sparing me from a seventh solicitation by the Fund for the Republic. In a world of ever increasing depersonalization your policy strikes me as a major blow for those of us who still wish to retain some small amount of privacy. Thank you. Nicholas Acocella, 6515 Boulevard East, West New York, New Jersey. of any candidate for governor, lieutenant governor or any office but rather will remain aloof from these races until after the people of Texas have decided upon their choice.’ There was absolutely no Texas oilmen at any of Senator Muskie’s receptions to my knowledge. The money raised in Houston was chiefly from some of Senator Yarborough’s big-money supporters. Incidentally, Senator Muskie was not invited to the State Democratic Executive Committee money-raising affair in Austin in December by State Chairman Roy Orr, who honored Wilber Mills and Hubert Humphrey. Bill V. Williams, chairman, Harris County Democratic Executive Committee, 2312 S. Main, Houston, Tex. The Observer’s brief account of Muskie’s Houston trip made no mention whatever of his University of Houston appearance, pro or con. We have never heard, and we presume Mr. Williams has not, of local party workers being personally paid to help set up an appearance for a candidate; however, the funds raised at such affairs are generally divided according to some prearrangement between the candidate and the local party. The Observer described the turnout at Muskie’s night reception as “an odd-lot assortment of old-line fibs and labor.” The meeting with Houston oilmen to which we referred was clearly identified as an afternoon meeting. Ed. Muskie trip Your Dec. 31 article on Sen. Ed Muskie’s trip to Houston is just about as far from the truth as your inside reporter could get. One of the highlights of Senator Muskie’s trip was his appearance before a packed auditorium full of young people at the University of Houston. The few Socialist Alliance students who were present could not dim the enthusiasm shown for Muskie by the University of Houston student body. There were some mistakes by many of our people and the advance people, but I don’t know of anyone who complained of not being paid. We were all volunteers. Senator Yarborough’s appearance I am sure was out of respect for Senator Muskie, who appeared in Yarborough’s behalf at a dinner in Houston prior to the 1970 Democratic Primary Election. Senator Muskie has never put his eggs in the basket The flood The words keep streaming down outbreak, confrontation, ghetto, militant, kickback, pollution; I’m ankle-deep already. Printed, they choke the gutter, there are waves on the lawn: bomber, missile, DMZ; oral, they crackle down: no cats and dogs but dissidents, riot police, mace, casualties, tear gas. I climb the stairs; the chairs are awash in the kitchen. Now to the roof. Children of Noah, forget Babel. How do we build an ark? Look at the sky: still black and teeming racist, raid, reprisal. FRANCIS MAGUIRE New York City