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In the ACLU’s opinion, you should give yourself 5 points for each Yes answer to numbers 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20; and 5 points for each No answer to numbers 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 17, 19. If you score 74 or more, you agree substantially with the ACLU \(few of its policies are adopted by unanimous vote of its Board of Whether you score high or low, put your belief in civil liberties to work now by joining the only permanent, national nonpartisan organization that works 52 weeks a year in defense of our freedoms. CNI rkft ift \(ft a_ . . \( cc : co CL Ww l -L cc 2 I-U w 2 CID 2 OC 11.1 2 2 2 u u a —<< CO CO O0 Lo 0 C I. 03 Eft . . o o . . Eft CC U-I cc WC CO 2 Lc t i l w w ow 202 c9 Z z z EE 0 cc z Z CL 2 0_ v cn You Can He lp De fen d Amer ican Liber t ies ! Jo in t he A.C.L.U. 0. N Eter n a l Vig i lanc e is t he Pr ic e o f Li ber ty ! CO N co -o , o r q uar ter ly LIFE MEMBERSHIP $1,000 , s em i-annua l ca C cn -0 -o Pleas e bill me for t he a mo un t c hec ke d a bo ve o n an 20. A woman has a private right to decide whether to bear her child or undergo an abortion. Y N 4. Congressional investigation into political opinions and associations, such as those conducted by the House Committee on are essential to the nation's safety. Y N 9. The use of tax funds to support parochial schools involves compulsory taxation for religious purposes and thus violates the First Amendment. Y N 19. A Post Office employee who confesses to engaging in homosexual acts with consenting adults during nonworking hours should be discharged. Y N 5.In their fight against crime the police should be entitled to use wiretaps and other devices for listening in on private conversations. Y N 6.Racial discrimination in housing, public and private, should be prohibited by law. Y N 7.If demonstrators subject police to namecalling and obscenities, the police are justified in using physical retaliation. Y N 8.Heckling and counter-demonstrating which succeeds in disrupting a meeting is protected by the Bill of Rights. Y N 10.Students who shout down speakers to achieve their aims subvert the principles of academic freedom. Y N 11.Membership in the John Birch Society by itself is enough to bar an applicant from appointment to the police force. Y N 12.Court calendars are so crowded that the right to trial by jury should be restricted to persons accused of major crimes only. 13.In the light of present standards of justice and humanity, the death penalty has become "cruel and unusual punishment" in violation of the Eighth Amendment. 14.A man should be denied unemployment compensation if fired from his job for growing a beard. 15.High school students are within their rights when they express political opinions, circulate petitions and handbills, or wear political insignia in school. 16.A draft resister should be allowed to have his lawyer present at all draft board and Selective Service hearings. Y N 17.A radio station which permits the reading of an anti-Semitic poem over the air should have its F.C.C. license revoked. Y N 18.Since the use of marijuana involves protected constitutional rights including the right of privacy criminal penalties for its use and possession should be abolished. Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N