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013 S A Journal of Free Voices A Window to the South March 3, 1972 250 o l d rireleisi t s 111 011\(1 Austin Until quite recently, the Observer tried to avoid considering this year’s governor’S race because the trio of announced candidates left us in a deep funk. And then a rare and lucky thing happened. A politician we believe in entered that race. We are struck by the singularity of that event. One who works closely with politicians is not apt to have many heroes among them: familiarity with the breed usually breeds contempt. And in Texas, it is possible to go through a political lifetime with opportunity to be grateful only for lesser evils. We have read back through the Observer’s endorsements over the years and are saddened by their consistent pain and tepidity. With the exception of endorsements for Ralph Yarborough and Don Gladden, these old typewriters have not had much enthusiasm tapped out on them. It feels good to be doing this for someone as fine: as Frances Farenthold.