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” ‘Capital Eye’ proceeds on the homely but fairly valid assumption that a citizen can make a little better decision about a public figure after he has witnessed his performance in a give-and-take with trained statehouse journalists,” -Public Information Corp. Statement to IRS 35.REP. BOB ARMSTRONG The Primary Examined: Liberal Tag Resisted 36.SEN. BILL PATMAN Loan Industry and Firing of Frank Miskell 37.GORDON FULCHER Water Quality Chairman Looks at Blobs from Sea 38.JEFF JONES UT Student President Meets “Bourgeois Press” 39.SEN. OSCAR MAUZY A Look at Car Insurance Rates Part I 40.REP. DON CAVNESS Complaints on Austin State Hospital Part I 41.DAVE SHAPIRO Democratic Rebuilding Committee Urges GOP Vote 42.DR. NORMAN HACKERMAN UT President Leaves for Rice, Scores Regents 43.DEAN PAGE KEETON Revising the Texas Penal Code 44.DR. GARY MILLER Complaints on Austin State Hospital Part II 45.SEN. CHARLES HERRING The 62nd Legislature: Taxes, Redistricting 46.DR. BARRIE KITTO The Population explosion: A Warning 47.ALLEN E. SMITH The Firing of UT Dean John Silber: An Overview 48.LEO GOSSETT, C. 0. LAYNE Hurricane Celia: DPS Post-Mortem 49.GOV. PRESTON SMITH Governors’ Conference Report 50.MRS. FAGAN DICKSON Green Belts and Flood Plains: A Plan for Austin 51.CONG. JAKE PICKLE Census Hassle, Mass Transportation 52.LT. GOV. BEN BARNES The Coming Legislature 53.JOHN GRONOUSKI Former U.S. Postmaster at LBJ 54.WILL DAVIS State Demo Platform Chairman Reports 55.BYRON FULLERTON GOP Lt. Governor Candidate ‘Serious’ 56.PAUL EGGERS Smith Challenger in Home Stretch 57.JACK EISENBERG Insurance II “No Fault” Concept Explored 58.LLOYD BENTSEN Home Stretch in Senate Race 59.GEORGE BUSH Bentsen Opponent Resists Gun Control Tag 60.DR. CLIFTON McCLESKEY, DR. ROBT. LINEBERRY Profs Analyze Vote 61.WAGGONER CARR Ex-House Speaker Tells of Reform Study 62.3 UT STUDENTS 3 UT Students Working Within The System 63.DR. JOHN STOCKTON A Look at Economic Picture for 1971 64.DURWOOD MANFORD Insurance III: Board Member Explains Rate-Setting 65.SEN. JOE CHRISTIE Liquor-by-Drink to Legislature 66.WILLIAM P. HOBBY, JR. Welfare Chairman Tells of Texas Crisis 67.HANK BROWN Labor’s View of the Auto Rate Increases Insurance IV 68.WILLIAM HARDING Industry Spokesman Defends Increases Insurance V 69.WILLIAM McGREW The Texas Tax Crisis 70.”Third House” 71.SEN. BABE SCHWARTZ Senate Will Ask Business to Share Tax Burden 72.SENS. McKOOL AND HALL Ethics Legislation Considered 73.DR. JANICE MAY, MRS. THOMAS BRASHER The League and the Legislature 74.SEN. CHARLES WILSON Explains His Utilities Regulation Bill 75.SEN. BARBARA JORDAN Confirms Congress Goal 76.NED FRITZ Environmentalist Wants Ecological Priorities 77.MARTIN DIES, JR., RANDALL WOOD ‘Toward a Permanent Voter Registration 78.REPS. FARENTHOLD AND BERNAL Human Relations Commission Bill 79.REP. MAURICE ANGLY Why State Deposits in Sharpstown Bank? 80.GOV. PRESTON SMITH Breaks Silence on Stock Scandals* 81.REP. JIM NUGENT The House Reacts to the Stock Scandals 82.REPS. PRICE AND DANIEL Reform Speaker Candidates Emerge 83.U.S. SEN. RALPH YARBOROUGH Back in Texas-For What? 84.REP. REX BRAUN Pollution Fighter Wants Citizen 85.REP. DELWIN JONES Redistricting Leader Says Job Ticklish 86.LT. GOV. BEN BARNES What Kind of Tax Bill Will Session Yield? 87.REPS. DORAN, TRAEGER, MOORE, ALLRED “Dirty 30” v. “Team” on Taxes 88.REPS. OGG, BASS; SENS. GROVER, HIGHTOWER Overview: Legislature 89.DR. JUNE HYER After Welfare Amendment Defeat-What? 90.CAPITOL CORRESPONDENTS An Analysis of the Session 91.SEN. MIKE McKOOL, DAVID IRONS Insurance VI: Another Rate Hike? 92.AG. COMMISSIONER JOHN WHITE Drouth and V.E.E. Hit Agriculture 93.SEN. JOE CHRISTIE Liquor-by-the-Drink Comes to Texas 94.ROY EVANS A Machinist Heads for Texas Labor Throne 95.AUSTINITES GARCIA, DAVIS, DAVIDSON, GRIFFIN, WILLEFORDBusing Crisis 96.PROF. AL ALSCHULER, MRS. ROBT. MEANS Busing II: A Legal View 97.DR. JOHN STOCKTON A Business Analyst Looks at Wage-Price Freeze 98.PROF. JERRE WILLIAMS Where Are We On States Rights? 99.BOBBIE J. NELSON, JANET BERRY Complaints from Women at UT-Austin 100.BYRON FULLERTON Law Dean Eyes Republican Race Again 101.SEN. RALPH HALL Ethics Proponent Runs for Lt. Governor 102.DOLPH BRISCOE Uvalde Rancher Takes Another Crack at Governor Race 103.JIM KANE GOP Executive Talks of Image-Building 104.BILL HOBBY A Governor’s Son Tries for No. 2 Job 105.MRS. KATHERINE HART, BOB HAYES-New Building Threatens Capitol? 106.REP. JIM NUGENT Will He Announce for House Speaker? 107.REP. RAYFORD PRICE Claims Speaker Victory 108.RALPH YARBOROUGH 90 Per Cent Sure He’ll Run But Which Race? 109.CONG. HENRY GONZALEZ-Frank Sharp Immunity Questioned 110.REP. FRANCES FARENTHOLD “Dirty 30” “Den Mother” Eyes Higher Job 111.REP. PRICE DANIEL, JR.-Takes Speaker’s Race to Voters 112.JIMMY BANKS-Did Connally Hold Up Ralph-DPS Report? 113.SEN. HANK GROVER-Wants GOP Nomination for Governor 114.MRS. CARRIN PATMAN-Texas Demos Push for Party Reform 115.BAREFOOT SANDERS Former LBJ Aide Wants to Challenge Tower 116.ROY ORR-SDEC Head Quizzed on Party Reform 117.GOV. PRESTON SMITH-Scandals As A Campaign Issue *Exclusive WHERE CAN ‘CAPITAL EYE’ NOW BE SEEN? It is carried by ETV stations KLRN-TV, Channel 9, Austin-San Antonio, Sun., 3:00 p.m., repeated Tues., 7:00 p.m.; and KERA-TV, Channel 13, Dallas-Fort Worth, Sun., 6:30 p.m. `Capital Eye’ is carried by many community cable systems throughout Texas, and by many Texas radio stations. WHERE ARE THE OFFICES OF THE PROGRAM’S CORPORATION? 1005 International Life Building, Austin, Texas 78701 WHO ARE THE OFFICERS AND OTHER TRUSTEES OF THE CORPORATION? Officers of Public Information Corporation are: Page Keeton, president; Irwin Salmanson, vice president; Leon executive director. Voting trustees of the statewide board include: Mrs. J. Frank Dobie, Charles Alan Wright, Julian Zimmerman, John T. Jones Jr., Will Garwood, Judge Tom Reavley, Dr. Blake Smith, Amy Freeman Lee, Maj. J. R. Parten, Mrs. Terrell Maverick Webb, Mrs. Charles T. McCormick, Dr. John R. Stockton, Bill Hilgers, Gertrude Barnstone, Lowell Lebermann, Mrs. Alan Taniguchi, Dr. Jose San Martin, Otto Mullinax, Dr. Reynell Parkins, Mrs. Exalton Delco, Mrs. O’Neil Ford, Rev.. John Allen Chalk, Mrs. Chester Snyder, Ted Stiff, Mrs. Maurice Cohn, Chris Harte, Dr. Clifton McCleskey, Dr. Janice May, Joe Tom Easley, Mrs. Ruth Epstein, Dr. Forest Hill, and John Henry Faulk. Contributions . to “Capital Eye” may be sent to: Public Information Corporation 1005 International Life Building Austin, Texas 78701 contributions are tax-deductible