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[Advertisement McGovern’s Quiet Progress McGovern? A great guy! Would obviously be a great President if only we could appoint him! First U. S. Senator to speak out against our military intervention in Vietnam, way back in 1983. Outstanding critic of the defense budget. Lonely crusader against hunger in America. Chief architect of delegate selection reform in the Democratic Party. Consistently liberal but a big vote-getter in his conservative native state of South Dakota. But the Democratic presidential nomination. Forget it. He doesn’t have a chance. Starts from too far behind. And too nice a guy. Not fiery enough. And so on and so on. Right? This was pretty much the reaction when Senator McGovern shattered political, precedent last January by becoming a declared candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination a whole year ahead of time. “They tell us that George McGovern cannot become President because he is too decent,” wrote newspaper columnist Pete Hamill. The Nation agreed: “His decency as a human being is a distinct liability.” But as The New Republic said during McGovern’s hearings on hunger, “It is awfully hard to stop men like McGovern. They have iron in them . . Don’t underestimate him.” And since he declared his candidacy, he has campaigned tirelessly and progressed steadily. Now, people are beginning to rub their eyes in astonishment and say, “By golly, maybe he does have a chance!” First of all, he has received nearly $500,000 from supporters, mostly in small contributions of $1 to $100. That’s not nearly enough to carry him through all the primaries, of course. But it’s a remarkable outpouring of sentiment so early in the game. He’s won the support of people with a lot of savvy and high standards, such as John Kenneth Galbraith, Gloria Steinem, George Wald, Hans Morgenthau, William Sloan Coffin, Arthur Schlesinger, Henry Steele Commager, Frank Manckiewicz, Shirley MacLaine, Blair Clark. In New Hampshire, he has the support of half the people who were Democratic Delegates in 1968 and three-fourths of the people who were McCarthy Delegates. In New York, he has been endorsed bra the Democratic Party Leader of Queens, Matthew Troy; the Borough President of the Bronx, Robert Abrams; and recent Democratic candidate for the U. S. Senate, Richard Ottinger. In Nebraska, fOrmer Governor Frank Morrison will serve as Chairman of Nebra’ska Citizens for McGovern. “CROWDS HAIL McGOVERN IN WISCONSIN,” read a headline in The New York Times on March 8. The news story which followed’ reported that “he drew about 4,500 persons to a speech on the University of Wisconsin campus, and the audience, noted for its intolerance of politicians, gave him a standing ovation at the end. Later, Friday, he drew another overflow crowd at a Madison hotel reception despite a driving snowstorm.” In Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin reported on July 29 that “The 1972 Pennsylvania Presidential primary is still nine months away, but Delaware County Democrats are reportedly already lining up .support for South Dakota Senator George S. McGovern. Several local Democrats recently stated that support for McGovern has increased in the past few months. “Every Democrat who has expressed f..n interest about becoming a candidate for delegate to the national convention is supporting McGovern,” one leader said. Students for McGovern chapters have spring up on more .than 350 college campuses. Tom Wicker of The New York Times told political writer Jack Newfield, according to Newfield’s account in The Village Voice on August 12, “George is being under estispace he deserves. He is quite strong in the farm belt. He has real organizations going in some of those states. I think McGovern is going to win a primary, and then some folks are going to have egg on their face.” Maybe it’s too soon to call all this a groundswell. But it’s not too soon to say that McGovern is a serious contender for the presidential nomination. And it’s not too soon for you to make up your mind to help him get it. The primary campaigns in New Hampshire and Florida begin in barely 30 days. After that comes Wisconsin. The stronger the showing McGovern makes in these first primaries, the stronger he Nvill become in terms of support, financial backing, and news coverage. Thanks to the reforms drafted by the McGovern Commission, at least 63% of the delegates to the’ 1972 Democratic Convention will be directly elected by the people in at least 23 state primaries. This means that, for the first time, the candidate who successfully takes his case to the people can be assured of winning the nomination, whether the “power brokers” like’ it or not And you can play a part in helping Senator McGovern take his case to the people, by making a contribution to his campaign now. The Pentagon papers have widened the credibility gap between the Administration and the country into a canyon. American people are hungering for a man they can trust a man who sees the truth and tells the truth. We think George McGovern is such a man. And we urge you to join with us in helping him win the Democratic presidential nomination, by mailing the coupon with your heartfelt contribution. McGovern is getting there. Here’s your chance to help.. Citizens for McGovern/Texas P. 0. Box 61164, Houston, Texas 77061 I I support Senator McGovern in his efforts to lead our -1 country along the path of peace, reconciliation and rededication. Enclosed is my contribution of $ Miss Mrs. Mr. Address Apt. City State Zip Please enroll me in the McGovern for President Club made up of supporters pledged to contribute $10 or more a month until the convention, and keep me closely informed on the progress of the campaign. Please Make Checks Payable to McGovern for President Committee.