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Dorothy Malone; Happy Shahan, owner of the western set at Brackettville; and various legislators, financial consultants, film producers, technicians and bankers. The commission hopes to interest producers in Texas locations by providing a film personnel registry, a library of Texas-oriented scripts, a state lands and parks directory, a videotape location library and a computerized community profile \(originally used by the Texas Warren Skaaren says he’s planning seminars on investments and motion picture law, statewide meetings for teachers of film and a screenwriting contest. The biggest obstacle to generating a film industry here is the lack of investment capital. The Dallas Chamber of Commerce magazine recently printed this complaint by 0. Anthony, an aspiring filmmaker: “Dallas has more risk venture capital `crapshooters’ than any other area in the world. But it’s not like oil, which Texans understand very well; in films they have no basis to judge the bottomline risk, so it’s hard for them to evaluate a given opportunity.” Many entrepreneurs who did invest got burned. As Mavis Bryant wrote in the Dallas article, “The feature trail for the last five years is littered with some 25 features, most of which never were distributed. Almost all were very low-budget ‘B’ pictures aimed at second-run theaters. But the few which made money were aimed at specific audiences and tailored to fit their tastes.” David Wynne of Wynne Award Films Martin Jurow of Masters Film believe there’s gold in the long-neglected “family film.” Wynne says he plans to apply “the Disney formula” to the production of family entertainment features. Jurow and his partner, Bruce Jamieson \(his father started Dallas’ first film new studio in North Dallas which will include two sound stages, recording studios and editorial and animation facilities. They igattea a agNaL,1 1isc6 o, lasem 401 W 151/’ aits -th se as already have announced plans for a number of what Jurow calls “good family products.” One is The New Legend of Sleepy Hollow, wherein the headless horseman will ride through New Braunfels. There’s another movie in the works around the Younger Brothers. Carl Malden is slated to star in a Masters film about a Hill Country preacher. And the clincher, the TEXAS film of the decade, will be the autobiography of Freddie Steinmark, the UT football hero who died of cancer last June. In a recent press conference in Austin, Jurow said, “It is a drama in which the joy of winning unfolds simultaneously with the realities of the personal tragedy that was happening to one of the players and shared by his family, Coach Royal, his Longhorn teammates, his fellow students and the people of Texas as a whole.” Most of the filming will be done in Austin. None of these soon-to-be-Made-in-Texas movies sounds like a second Citizen Kane. But everyone can take heart, for the development of facilities and the cultivation of investment capital is bound, eventually, to benefit not just the originators of the Frito Bandito commercials, the skin flick people and the new Walt Disney but indigenous filmmakers and movie buffs of all persuasions. Cynthia Joyce, K.N. Oblivion sleeping Don’t try to build it. Silence is shapeless. No word, sounds abstracts It. Name it nothing. And don’t touch. If it rubs you, Don’t scream. Pretend it’s Oblivion, your pet Boa constrictor, Giving you a hug. SI DUNN Denton February 4, 1972 15 PACHA MAMA means Earth Mother in Quechua we sell earthy clothes from South America & other places 503 W. 17th Street Austin 11 am 6 pm, Monday-Saturday ii immilmillmilimmulluilmilliiiiimilimiliiiiiiimiffilliffilimilinffiliiiiiiminnimulimmil souRcE CATALOG No.1: Communications a radical encyclopedia an organizing tool 90,4,1 vie/ tligiA1.1 SOURCE IS A BOOK OF THE PEOPLE’S DEEDS, 11414787 FOR IT CATALOGS REVOLUTION IN ACTION. * ; \\ , . _ THE FIRST ISSUE IS A GUIDE TO OVER 500 #1′ A :::’ N R ADICAL GROUPS AT WORK IN SUCH AREAS AS GUERRILLA THEATER, PEOPLE’S VIDEO I alb AND RADIO, UNDERGROUND COMMUNICATION 0 NETWORKS, AND PEOPLE’S LIBRARIES. IT ALSO 10 1 i INCLUDES DESCRIPTIONS OF HUNDREDS OF BOOKS, PERIODICALS, FILMS AND TAPES USEFUL AS COMMUNICATIONS RESOURCES IN SPEEDING, SPREADING AND INITIATING RADICAL CHANGE. j o o $1.50 list . .. less regular 20% discount to subscribers for books stocked by Observer Bookstore … plus 5% sales tax :. = = = _ _ = ==. _ _ _ == == = =-a == = =*-= == = === =_ =–== _ = = = =7 E. –2 Ei = _ ==_ = = a = g = ff. = = a= :71′ = == .S.” …Lz F. for Texas addresses … but no additional charge for postage ‘ because the Observer pays it … equals: $11 26 TEXAS OBSERVER BOOKSTORE 600 W 7 AUSTIN 78701 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII