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UNINANT You can tell them apart by their faces, but not by their ideas. In this respect, they’ve proven to be one man. And we don’t want him. Nor do we want any Democrat just because he calls himself one. If he’s part of the dust of the Chicago convention, we don’t want him. We want more radical blood and liberal thought than old-line Democrats have shown. Who do weTHE NEW DEMOCRAT magazinewant for President? We want the man who can revive and reform the Democratic Party. And we’re using our magazine to ask a lot of questions about McGovern, Lindsay, Muskie, Kennedy, Hughes, McCarthy, Bayhand a fourth party. If you haven’t seen our magazine around, you haven’t been on Capitol Hill lately. Washington politicos are reading THE NEW DEMOCRAT. regularly. And talking about it. . . . Senator Edward Kennedy: “THE NEW DEMOCRAT can make more Democrats remember why they became Democrats in the first place.” Senator George McGovern: “THE NEW DEMOCRAT magazine promises the kind of provocative analysis and insight that is required for the renewal of the democratic process in the decade ahead.” John Kenneth Galbraith: “I strongly applaud the effort to give the Democratic Party a new, young and radical voice. I hope THE NEW DEMOCRAT will be a major source of discomfort to all those who see the Democratic Party not as an instrument of change, but as a source of comfort.” And we’ve been speaking for ourselves with some of the best radic-lib writing around. Only in THE NEW DEMOCRAT could you have read these important articles in the months past: WHO NEEDS THE DEMOCRATS?John Kenneth Galbraith A FOURTH PARTY IN ’72?Symposium: Jack Newfield, Paul O’Dwyer, others. THE MUSKIE PUZZLEFranklin Pierce VATICAN II FOR A PARTYJoseph Califano WOMEN: 2ND CLASS DEMOCRATSPhyllis Segal LINDSAY: WHAT NEXT?Jeff Greenfield A PARTY WITHOUT IDEASStephen Schlesinger TRYING TO TALK TO THE DNCRichard Feigen, Lawrence O’Brien, Robert Strauss THE McGOVERN CAMPAIGNJim Hightower THE LESSON OF LOWENSTEINPaul Offner PROFILES: BAYH, HUGHES, RAMSAY CLARK Plus reports from NEW DEMOCRAT correspondents in 20 states. Articles in THE NEW DEMOCRAT have been excerpted or written-up in national and local publications all over America: THE NEW YORK TIMES described us as “a monthly dedicated to uniting the left and radical wings of the Democratic Party.” THE WALL STREET JOURNAL called us . “an ultraliberal monthly.” THE ASSOCIATED PRESS said we are “a band of young liberal Democrats needling the Party to move toward the left.” THE BOSTON GLOBE described us as “a new voice out of the fire of the Chicago convention . . . written by young people who would like to be a force in their party if the party will listen.” Who’s behind THE NEW DEMOCRAT? Democrats frustrated by the painful failure of the McCarthy and Kennedy movements. . . . Board of Advisors: Tom Atkins, Sam Brown, Joseph Duffy, Ronnie Dugger, Fred Dutton, Peter Edelman, John Kenneth Galbraith, Richard Goodwin, Gloria Steinem, Adam Walinsky. Editor: Stephen Schlesinger. Publisher: Grier Raggio. That’s us. And if you’re a new Democrat, we’re your new magazine. Use the coupon. We’ve frozen our price for the duration. a t new, in um, The magazine which intends to reform the Democratic Party. Mail To: The New Democrat a a 47 W. 57th St., New York, N.Y. 10019 Send me the next 12 monthly issues of The New Democrat for $10. s Name a a Address II City, State, Zip a a Check enclosed Bill me