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IDA PRESS 1 504 West 24th Multi copy service. Call 477-8351 1970, in which it was ruled that the Texas abortion law is “vague” and “overdrawn.” An appeal of that decision is now pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. Darts and laurels A laurel to Felton West and Henry Holcomb for their energetic coverage of the complex in-fighting on the Moody Foundation board. In recent weeks, these Houston Post reporters have revealed that House Speaker Gus Mutscher was elected to the board of directors of an Arkansas insurance company under the control of Shearn Moody, Jr. This honor came shortly after Mutscher appointed Louis Dugas to lead an investigation of the Moody mess. The Post team also pointed out that Dugas was less than an impartial investigator, since he had at the time a $4,000 personal loan from his close friend, Jimmy Day, Shearn Moody’s lobbyist. A dart to the Department of Public Safety for refusing for the last five years to issue press credentials to Rag reporters. The DPS maintains the credentials are only for “legitimate” papers, and guess who gets to decide which papers are “legitimate.” Right. The DPS. The Rag says two of its photographers have been arrested in the past year for taking pictures of police beating citizens. And three reporters have been busted in the line of duty, all because of lack of press passes. The Houston Broadcast Coalition, a group of 12 local black organizations, has been successful in its effort to improve the quality and responsiveness of Houston soul radio stations. The coalition had petitioned the FCC to refuse stations KCOH and KYOK license renewals. The group charged that the stations were white-dominated organizations exploiting the black community. Pluria Marshall, chairman of the coalition, stated that the stations give “no exposure to the needs, desires and the aspirations of the black community of Houston.” Marshall complained further that the stations hired whites for upper-echelon positions, used exploitative advertising and failed to cover properly news relevant to the black community. KYOK, owned by William Buckley, Jr., agreed to cooperate with the coalition several months ago. In October KCOH agreed also. The station has promised to begin on-the-job training programs for blacks and to expand their coverage of news relevant to minority groups. KCOH has not yet answered the coalition’s charges of exploitative advertising. The FBI has reported a threat against the life of Henry B. Gonzalez, U.S. congressman from San Antonio, presumably for Gonzalez’ outspoken role in the stock fraud scandal. The FBI, in a phone call to the congressman’s office, said that a “contract” to kill Gonzalez has been made in the Houston underworld. Gonzalez has been unrelentingly critical of the Justice Department’s reluctance to investigate and prosecute the activities of Sharp and friends. His speeches on the House floor were a factor in Will Wilson’s recent resignation as assistant U.S. attorney general. A nationwide meeting of Spanish-speaking Americans was held recently in Arlington, Va., to bring chicanos, Puerto Ricans and Cubans together in demanding action on common political and economic grievances. The caucus was organized by four Spanish-speaking members of Congress, and was endorsed by New Mexico militant Reies Tijerina. But, alas, two faces were missing. Texas congressman Henry B. Gonzalez and Eligio de la Garza never got around to showing up. The two Texans, charged members of the caucus, “have been manipulated and exploited by the gringo and have been an embarrassment to the chicano.” The Houston Police Department’s campaign against black activist Johnny Coward continues. In December, 1968, Coward had his left eye kicked out while in police custody \(Obs., Aug. 21, lot. The hospital opthalmologist disagreed. Last year part of Coward’s foot was shot off in the battle in which Carl Hampton was killed. The police claimed each time that Coward assaulted them, but no policeman was ever injured. In October, Coward was critically wounded in the chest by a police bullet. It is unclear exactly what happened. Police say Coward was hiding behind a tree trying to load a rifle. They shot and Coward crawled underneath a nearby apartment house. According to area residents, the police pulled him out, apparently unconscious, and started to beat him. They dragged him 20 yards to the street instead of getting a stretcher. Three charges of assault to murder have been filed against Coward. Friends of Francis Farenthold, a leader of the Dirty Thirty during the past legislative session, are urging her to run for a statewide office. Among the possibilities, they say, are governor or senator \(whichever Ralph Yarborough commissioner. They ask that people who have ideas about which office they think she should run for, suggestions about how to do it, or want to help contact: Friends of Francis Farenthold, Box 13342, Austin, Tex. 78711. U. S. Rep. Clark Fisher of San Angelo has charged that the Office of Economic Opportunity is supporting subversive radicalism by granting funds to a pilot educational project in Zavala County. 0E0 arranged the experimental project in Crystal City in order to prepare low-income chicano high school students for higher education. Fisher was particularly disturbed by the school band’s formation of a clenched fist during halftime of a recent football game. The clenched fist, as everyone knows, according to Fisher, is “an international communist revolution symbol, the same symbol used by Fidel Castro.” Houdini would be put to shame. Texas is slowly disappearing. Severe erosion, reports the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is occurring along 91.7 miles of the Texas Gulf coast. 200,000 cubic yards of beach sand is disappearing annually around the tip of Bolivar Peninsula alone. Maybe Texas’ loss is Cuba’s gain. November 19, 1971 11 476-61119 cnaissance 8U1 Po Grande and at in the atmosphere of Dante 4 Exciting 4lienus @utstanbing perittls Vuffet liuttrheott L. 43 aitu, eefrater Gourmet ire it 2.73 tiiiIurs 6:311 to 9:30 p.m. guffet 3greakfast $1.13 Aiibnight to 2 a. tn_ d eer kG tne Game i owns 31 ..4appu ‘Motu 3-6 p.m. d eer $1/Pitcher