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You Like It. It LikesThu!! In case you didn’t know, Space City! is an alternative news weekly, published down here in Houston. We’ve been coming out for more than two years now, but we went through some pretty significant changes about five months ago. We just weren’t happy with what we were doing. We were tired of the rut we were into; we felt we’d gone just about as far as we could as an “underground” paper, and were ready to make some kind of a break with our past. We didn’t “sell out,” “go straight” or otherwise buckle under to the pressures faced in a place like Houston by anyone actively supporting a change in the status quo \(like being better ways to communicate. We wanted to reach a lot more people, and hopefully, be a little more effective. We think we’ve done it. Or at least made a pretty good start. Like, we cut out the heavy leftist rhetoric. We expanded our local news coverage to the extent that we’re now an important and generally respected force in the local media. We do some muckraking, though not as much as we’d like to: our staff is small and our resources skimpy. We report on pollution, police brutality, the antics of the local Klan, strikes, the growth and harassment of counter-cultural institutions. And we are able to do so in a depth that is impossible in other local media. But, we expanded more than our news coverage. A good portion o1 the average Space City! is devoted to reviews and commentary on film, theater, rock; a weekly column on whole foods; poetry; interviews with such diverse sorts as attorney William Kunstler and rock star Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. We’ve been serializing a previously unpublished novel called Sabreflame. Stuff like that. And with the help of artists like Bill Narum and Kerry Fitzgerald, we’ve created an interesting and artistic format. rather exciting to look at. So why are we telling you all this? Why are we patting ourselves on the back in the pages of the Observer? Well, for one thing, it’s pretty frustrating to do all the work we’re doing and not get it into lots of people’s hands. We want you to see what we’re doing. Also, we need the financial support. We’re clearly not into it for the money, and that commodity is somewhat scarce to the likes of us. We’re organized as a non-profit corporation, and we definitely are not controlled by advertisers! We have a full-time staff that can be counted on two hands; and our monthly salary is $100 each. Anyway, we’re asking you to help support us. You can fill in the handy subscription blank below and we’ll send you Space City! each week, with a little help from the U.S. Post Office. If you have some extra cash, and think what we’re doing is important, you can purchase a supporter’s subscription for $25. And if you have lots of money that you’re just itching to get rid of \(and to us it doesn’t take much to make a you can Simply send us a check or money order and we’ll love you forever. Do it today. Tomorrow we might freak out and go to work for Readers Digest! With love and hope for a better tomorrow, The Space City! Collective: Victoria Smith Thorne Dreyer Ernie Shawver Jim Shannon Karen Northcott Susie LeBlanc r Mail Me! $25 supporter subscription $7.50 one year subscription $4 six month subscription $5 one year GI sub free prisoner sub I am including $ donation because I want you to be warm and loved! 256 for sample copy NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP Mail to: Space City! 1217 Wichita Houston, Tex. 77004 Please send check or money order. WO. OM. ……. HOUSTON, TEXAS i ll 11 251