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MEET in downtown HOUSTON meeting rooms plus mezzanine Plantation Room, above. Meeting ‘ facilities for 15 to 450 persons. 4 separate 400 air-conditioned rooms and suites. Coffee Shop. Dining Room. THE TEXAS STATE HOTEL Write or call for details 720 FANNIN AT RUSK E.C. Preston, Gen. Mgr. For You League. Lively, lively, the Kountze News! The long & short of it Like many of the young Gary our son has long hair, and now and again my wife and he have chided me for not growing beard and neck mane. One reason I have given to them is that when I was his age I was thought a long-hair and now the style has changed I am thought a short-hair, but I have gone on more or less the way I feel best with it, although my sideburns, they tell me, are longer. There is another reason I have also given them, more serious, and Celia our daughter has found and sent to me a clipping that has Ralph Nader giving the same reason. I do not know who is writing: “I arrived in Washington still unsure of my project and was told again that only Nader could tell me. The second evening after we arrived, I got my first chance to talk to him, following some inspirational remarks he delivered to the 150 Raiders working in Washington. Among other things, he inspired everyone to get haircuts. Arguing that while everybody has the right to wear his hair however he pleases, he reminded us that we were in Washington to help protect more important rights; and while none of the people we might be dealing with had the right to object to long hair, many of them would do so. Therefore, why antagonize someone who might give you useful information? He said something like this: ‘You can fight for change by wearing long hair or by doing it my way. Both ways are perfectly valid, but they don’t work in combination. So if you want to work for me, dress neatly and keep your hair short.” I wouldn’t go that strong for others, but for myself, it’s my second reason. “I think Ralph Nader puts it pretty well,” Celia says. I do, too. South of Utopia Robert A. Childers, 61, was found dead about five miles south of Utopia in Uvalde County, drowned when his car was washed off the highway by a sudden severe flood. He was one of the first members of the American Civil Liberties Union in Houston. Founder of the Childers Manufacturing Co. in 1946, he was a businessman who cared about the suffering in the world and did all he could to help abate some of it. The station wagon he had been in was found upside down off State Highway 187 between Sabinal and Utopia early one morning. That this happened just south of Utopia in that spectacular valley of lost maples has some kind of meaning. He was always going upstream toward Utopia. Sooner or later the flood had to come, for that valley, wild and beautiful, is also narrow. I for one keep going up it because of people like him. R.D. Countdown praised IDialogue I have just concluded the Texas Observer article of August 27, with reference to COUNTDOWN 72. I am rather torn between utter frustration and helplessness. Of course, the article is accurate. As a matter of fact, it’s the best condensation of that seven week nightmare I could imagine, and it simplifies my task of trying to recap the story of COUNTDOWN ’72, with reference to its flaws. But I am so deeply saddened by the fact that while you capsulized so well the problems, the obstacles, the difficulties there was no mention of the great thing that happened at COUNTDOWN 72. The problems in Austin were certainly ever-present but they were problems of Austin and Austin people. There was no mention of the very dedicated hard-working people in Houston, in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and dozens of small towns throughout the state who worked so diligently for several weeks to build delegations of young people for the conference. There was no mention of the fact that we had close to 200 more delegates to the two day conference and three times the number of people in attendance at the evening session than we had ever anticipated. There was no mention of the young college kid from Midland who drove 50 miles to pick up three black high school delegates he’d never met, who had no other means of transportation to Austin. There was no mention of ihe fact that a dozen kids in Austin worked day and night for weeks compiling files which were stolen by a group of people who had contributed nothing to their existence. CLASSIFIED CENTRAL TEXAS ACLU luncheon meeting. The Rennaissance, 801 Rio Grande. 2nd Monday of each month. From noon. All welcome. HOW INTELLIGENCE ARE YOU? I.Q. Test will tell you! Self Scoring Test $1.00. SHRICO, P.O. Box 7683, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15214. WANTED: Job in downtown Dallas. Secretarial in any field that is doing something positive. Good skills and good head. Reply Mrs. Rene Miller, 821-9811. BOOKPLATES. Free catalog. Many beautiful designs. Special designing too. Address: BOOKPLATES, P. 0. Box 284, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. MARJORIE ANNE DELAFIELD TYPING. SERVICE: Complete Typing Service and Editing. Binding, Mailing, Public Notary. Twenty years experience. Call 442-7008 or 442-0170, Austin. WE SELL THE BEST SOUND. Yamaha pianos, guitars; Moeck-Kung-Aulus recorders; harmonicas, kalimbas and other exotic instruments. Amster Music, 1624 Lavaca, Austin, 478-7331. September 24, 1971 15 BIG THICKET MUSEUM Saratoga, Texas Open Saturday through Thursday, morning and afternoon. Support Your Big Thicket, Association