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American Income and Organized Labor…. .. . to tell it like it is, American Income has no direct relationship with organized labor BUT, we do have an indirect relationship . . . SINCE 90% of our business is with members of organized labor, our company’s well-being depends upon their doing well . . . AND BECAUSE we share the same basic concerns in regard to poverty, racism, pollution ana the other social problems that beset this nation. We hope that American business and Labor share our conviction that profit can no longer be the sole reason for being in business, and that a social commitment and involvement is necessary for all institutions concerned with improving the quality of living in America. You might well ask: Well, why are you running this advertisement? We want union members to do business with our Company that is, of course, if our service and benefits are at least equal to that of our competitors. BECAUSE 1.We are a unionized company. Our home office employees belong to Local 277 of OPEIU, AFL-CIO. Our agents are union members. 2.We tailor our policies for union members. 3.We provide a Waiver of Premium benefit during an authorized strike, and an Arbitration Privilege in our disability and life policies where state laws permit. 4.We know what union members want. We have serviced over 6,000 local unions. Although we support enthusiastically union negotiations for the greatest possible benefits for their membership, we believe that members will continue to desire, need, and purchase additional protection. When they buy this supplementary coverage from American Income, they will have better protection simply because our company is geared to doing business with union members. That is why we want to urge you, all else being equal, to buy insurance as you would purchase a new shirt. If you BUY UNION INSURANCE, THEN YOU WILL BUY AMERICAN INCOME! BERNARD RAPOPORT, President American Income Life Insurance Company EXECUTIVE OFFICES POST OFFICE BOX 208 WACO, TEXAS 76703